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PTO Shaft on Ford 8N 1952 Tractor

Jim Hudson Bob G. I hope you are there. I found what was causing the vibration/wobble in my mower. The PTO shaft coming out of the tractor is worn so the coupler does not fit tight enough. The shaft is worn so it is less than 1 1/8 inches.
How do I replace this shaft? Do we take the rear cover off where the shaft comes out or do we have go inside the transmission? Help?

Bob G You an change the shaft real easy. I believe you can get them as a assembly. I see a shaft only or the complete assy. I only see them with a 1 3/8" dia shaft. Some sources may have the 1 1/8 dia splines.

drain oil or park front wheels in ditch. remove 4 bolts and remove shaft. If it is not twisted, it will slide right out. If it will not come out, then you are in for some serious work. both of mine came right out.

I see one site lists the length so I would check how long yours is.

Bob G I did a bit of looking and this site does not sell one for the 8n, Just8ns has the complete assy and YT has the complete assy or just the shaft. In all cases they are the 1 3/8" dia splines, you you will have to replace the ORC that fit the 1 1/8" shaft.
Jim Hudson If I have to get the shaft with the 1 3/8 inch end will the other end fit in the transmission end. The shaft is 30 inches long
Bob G The only difference is the splines on the outside. the one at yt they show as 30 7/8 long. I am not sure where the difference is. they show it is for 9n,2n 8n so it should be fine.
If it was me I would opt for the complete assy. that will give all new parts.

You don't by chance have an ORC that is 1 3/8 that you are putting on the 1 1/8 shaft? Had to ask!

Jim Hudson No. It is 1 1/8" female to 1 3/8 male end coupler on there. Don't blame you for asking. Talked to parts folks and have decided to order the conversion assy and new overruning clutch/coupler. Lot simpler for two old guys to work with. Thanks for your help as always!
Bob G Mine are both getting a bit worn and one of these day I will have to do the same.

Good luck

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