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8n wont start

dave w I have a 49 8n ford tractor that just refuses to start. I have new carb with great fuel flow, new points, coil, condenser, plugs, wires, cap rotor, and new ballast resistor I have spark now but noticed it sparking on the outside of the plugs to the cylinder head with the plugs still installed in it. any ideas
Jim Loveridge I would double check the firing order. 1-2-4-3 front to back. Then re-check the plug gap. .025-.028. Electricity wants to find the easiest path to ground. Make sure the plug wire ends are pushed down onto the spark plug ends correctly. 6 volt or 12 volt? Correct coil? Just some ideas.
Bob G Agree with Jim. What plugs are you using?
dave w firing order is correct and plug gap is about .024. wires are nice and snug all the way down, and its is still six volt. what concerns me is that the spark I noticed was at the base of the number 4 plug( which are autolite 437)im thinkin that since the tractor sat for a while out in the weather before I got it that the thread holes for the plugs may not be clean enough for a good contact there or if I may have a bad plug
Bob G I would think a bad plug. the poreclin may be cracked. i would replace it. look at it in the dark and see the light show.
Jim Loveridge Dave, did it sit out in the weather without plugs in it? If so, you may be on to somthing. How is the comprssion? It could have stuck valves or rings. You could try pourong a little Marvle Mystrey Oil or some ATF down each spark plug hole. Let that soak for a day or so, then spin it over and repeat. Then try to start it. Let us know. Also, have your tried spraying some starting fluid into the carb. inlet? Is the gas old? Let us know.
dave w fortunately that's not the case, it had some really old looking plugs in it that I changed out. and I don't think its got a valve stuck because I have gotten it to run one time before I changed out the carb with a new one, reason for that was the old carb was in really bad shape and I found a new replacement for 50 bucks more then a rebuild kit. while I had it running that one time it sounded very good no noises plenty of power now nothing. oh and starting fluid doesn't do any good with new carb or old one.
Bob G If starting fluid does not help then it is not a fuel problem.
dave w well tried again today got great fire and is getting gas up to plugs but just wont start, it tries but just wont. im going to have to run a compression test on it tomorrow and see what I find there
dave w well i did a compression check and sitting at 120 across the board also rechecked spark plug gap and it is at .025 and firing order is correct shes trying to start but just cant. by trying I mean she will either kick enough to disengage starter or will sputter for about 2 or 3 seconds then die
Bob G One of my 8n's pretty much did the same thing. I replaced the starter bendix and no more problem. Might try a direct jump to starter with 12 volts and see what happens. Don't jump to battery but to ground and the starter post. make sure you have it out of gear if you do it. Wish I haad that compression!

dave w well I got to take my first ride on my 500 dollar tractor today. after a lot of choking and cranking I finally got the old gal to start. runs great just not a lot of throttle control think im going to have to check the governor next
Bob G Glad to hear you got her started. I would replace the Bendix if it kicks out to soon. It will make a lot of difference. Also if you do not have the FO-4 service manual now would be a good time to get one. There is a lot of good info in it that you will use.
dave w
Re: 8n wont start

Thought u might like to see a pic

Bob G
Re: 8n wont start

This was the last 8n i got! Had fun going completly thu her. Yours looks pretty good!

dave w this is my first farm type tractor, others have been lawn and garden type
Joe Let me tell you a good one got 52 8n had 12 yrs need to clean tank out. cleantank put it back fill up with gas on Thursday knight. Stated to crank it Friday MORNING. wONT CRANK Put a new coil on new plugs,points,condinser all of it.wont crank.My friend drag racer we work 4 hr retimeing. Still waqnt crank we give up. I new I had gas I just fill it up. I was setting watching tv.It hit spray either in brither tried to start but stop. Look in gas tank empty stolen Thursday knight.well hope you the best.Joe
Adam Gentlemen I have a 48 8N and it was running really good but the exhaust manifold was broken so I replaced the manifold and put on new gaskets and a new muffler and now it wont start any thoughts

rex I have a 1950 8N. Was running great until the float got stuck open and flooded the engine with gas. I changed the oil, replaced the carburetor. wouldn't start so I replaced the spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, points and condenser. It has good spark so I sprayed starting fluid in carb but it still won't start. Spins over but won't hit. Any suggestions?

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