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damage from leaving key in "on" position?

thomas hi. i left the key in the "on" position (8n) for a day (i had tried to start it and gave up). i'm told that's the reason the tractor won't start now (because i fried the points). also, after the tractor finally starts it runs for a short distance and then dies - no fuel delivered. is that due to my having left the key "on"? i'm also told that now the compressor is bad. i paid a guy to fix the tractor (new battery and some other parts) but it never worked well after the "repairs". do i need to get another mechanic to look at this?
mark sr Leaving the ignition on can fry the points. it's also possible your condenser went bad - do you have any spark at the points? I assume they have been changed.

Fuel would be a separate issue not caused by the ignition. Have you checked the filters? If it's like my NAA, there are 3, a screen in the tank, the sediment bowl and a filter at the elbow where the gas line connects to the carb.

Bob G You don't say if you have a front mount 8n or a side mount dist 8n. the front mount coils can be damaged also by leaving the key on.

When it dies does it have spark to the plugs? What does the spark look like?

did you mean condenser and not compressor?

to check the fuel filters, remove the plug in the bottom of the carb and measure the fuel flow. It should fill a pint jar in 2 to 3 minutes. if not then you have something in the fuel system plugged. pretty common.

if you have to have your work done, you will have to find a mechanic that you trust. It can take time to build that trust.
good luck

johnb Another cause for a tractor running a short distance then stopping is a neoprene tipped float valve in the carburetor sticking in its seat. When it does this, try tapping the carburetor bowl with a hard object. Then try to restart the tractor. This happens on one of my tractors after it sits outside for at least two weeks.

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