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8N engine knocking sound.

Charles Alligood My 8N starting making a knocking scretching noise. I removed belt from gen.and water pump, still noise. changed the oil and cleaned the external oil lines and oil filter can. Replaced oil, cranked no oil pressure on gauge and the oil did not fill the filter can. I checked the pressure gauge with compressed air and it seems to work. Is the oil pump not working? Is there something I can do without pulling the tractor apart?
Charles A.

Bob G you can try removing the pressure relief assy and put some 90 wt oil in the hole, as much as you can get in to try and prime the pump. also the pickup tube may be loose or laying in the bottom of the pan(see last post)
the pressure relief assy is the large nut on the front of the timing gear cover. remove nut or bolt remove spring and plunger before squirting or drain oil into hole. If the pick tube as come off or is losse you will hae to open her up. hope the bearings are not damaged.

Jim Loveridge I would try filling the oil canaster with oil, wait awhile and see if the level goes down, that would be a good thing, and fill it again. That may prime the pump. But you need to find out where the knocking is comming from. You eliminated the water pump and generator. Did you read the post from the guy that had a cylinder sleeve come loose? What did you find out about the wobbeling front pully?
Charles Alligood When i changed the oil i looked felt into the drain hole and could reach the pickup tube. i put my finger tip on it and it wiggled my finger without it moving. i will try the pressure area with 90 wt. oil. sure hope it works.
Charles A.

Charles Alligood I filled the oil canister and the oil level slowly dropped. I cranked the tractor, oil was pumping, had a good pressure reading on the oil gauge. She's running smooth and purring like a kitten. Thanks for the advice.
Charles A.

Bob G Thanks for ltting us know it is working ok now. Keep an eye on the oil pressure everytime you start her up. It is not normal for them to lose the prime. you may have a cracked oil pick up tube.

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