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8N Throttle

Mark B I have the short rod from carb to short arm on gov. The throttle linkage to long arm of gov. When i give it full throttle it revs up, but it pulls the throttle back down by itself to about half throttle. I assume the gov is pulling it back down, but what do i need to adjust to stop that. Thanks in advance.
Bob G assume you mean the lever under steering wheel moves back down on its own.
I fixed mine by replacing the spring betweenthe throole control and the barcket on trans below battery box. It counter acts the pressure from the governor. let me know if a picture would help and I will take one.

Mark B If you don't mind Bob I would greatly appreciate it. Do you know the offical name or part number? THanks.
mark sr My NAA does the same thing. I always thought it was a safety feature since you rarely need full throttle for more than a little bit.
Bob G
Re: 8N Throttle

the part number for the spring is 8N9827, it is called the governor compensating spring.
there is one more spring on the rod it keeps the upper arm pulled down to the throttle quad. the upper arm has a ball in it that rides on the bumps on the quad which helps to keep it in place also. most of the ball are worn flat from not rotating.

number 23 is the compensating spring and 24 (8n9806)is the other. both are avaiable at just8ns. could not find them on this site.
i will go out a get a picture to post when it gets light.

Bob G I am not sure but I believe that your tractor uses a different system than the 8N. still is adjustable i believe. I agree about the use of full throttle!! :)
Bob G
Re: 8N Throttle

hope this helps

Bob G
Re: 8N Throttle

the other end of the spring attaching point.

Wayne Koutney I Need the arm that attaches to the bottom of the throttle rod.I have tried to find it on every parts site but no one seems to have it. Any Idea where I Might find it.


ron fancher Bob I saw your image for 8n ford throttle, the 8n i am repairing is missing the piece #26 in picture and i need to find a replacement and i ask you if there is a part number for it if not can you suggest any ideas to locate that piece. thank you ron

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