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Ford 9n Hydraulic lift problem

Rob Heilman Hi, I just bought a Ford 9n from an auction so I do not know any of the background regarding this tractor. Currently the Hydraulic lift does not work at all. I have removed the inspection cover and everything moves when you move the lift lever and the piston does not appear to be stuck. The lift arms can be lifted manually and fall back to the ground with no resistance. The fluid appears to be new and I suspect was changed by the previous owner to see if this would solve the problem. I was going to rebuild the pump but wanted to see if there is anything else I should do to further my diagnose before doing this.

Thanks In advance

Bob G You do know that the PTO has to be turning before the pump will work. The pump is driven off of the PTO shaft. lever on left side by your heel is the PTO lever.
Good Luck

Bill Jones I had the same problem recently. I had just rebuilt he hydrolics on my 9n. New oil, overhauled the pump etc. After all that the 3-point would not work. After several days of thinking and considering pulling the pump it accured to me that the pump may be air locked. I pulled the side covers off and with the use of a 4-inch crecent wrench removed the upper plugs in the pump. Kind of messey, you know, putting your hand in all that oil. Well what do you know air starting bubbling slowly out of the pump. Put it all together and it worked. No were in the FO manual does it talk about bleeding the thing!
bernie bornick Turn pto on and the hydraulic arms come up with the lever down, even with the bush hog on the back????
mike oconnor my lift wont lift much weight had to reve the engine get it lift 2 cinder blocks the arms move freely with no resistence when tractor is of its had a lift kit put in before i bought it 2 yrs ago
mike oconnor i replaced pump control valve lift raises but will not lower i think its the relief valve any input would be appreciated
Brian I have a 1940 9n, the hydraulics will not lift any weight at all, if you lift the arms and run the hydraulics up it will hold the arms up. I was just wondering where to start? I have checked the levels and they are good. Thank you for any help.
Werner Hi, I have a fiat 615 tractor and the hyrdaulic lift does not work. I replaced the pump and installed a new lift kit but it still won't work.

Any advice will be appreciated

Jeffrey Gilmour Hello, I have a fully restored 1944 2n. Everything has been working fine and I was in the middle of running a spring rake across my field, nothing to big or heavy and the 3pt stopped raising. When I removed the spring rake it works fine? I pulled the inspection plate and oil level is clear and good and everything seems to be in working order. When you try to raise 3pt with weight I notice some air bubbles form in the oil any ideas?
George Marrin The hydraulic lever on the right side of my 9n is stuck and I can not adjust the height of brush hog.
LeRoy Sanders I have recently aqquired a ford tractor 641 that has been left outside quite a while. The lift worked for a short time and then stopped lifting altogether. There was water in the oil. Drained the old oil and replaced it with a 134 hyd. oil as was recommended by the local dealer. Not sure of what to do from here. Thanks
Trace Lift will only lift about 50 lbs. I went to lift it in the winter and the blade was froze to the ground. The from of the tractor came up. I took the spud bar to the blade and broke it loose. Then the lift would not work. I opened the inspection plate on the right and saw oil shooting straight up from the center of the pump slightly right. So I dropped the pump out and replaced the safety valve and inspected the gaskets. They looked good. I put it all back with new fluid and still no lift. Now I have the entire pump apart looking for something?? I see a strange hole in the housing in the rear lower left corner. Looks like it is chipped out or maybe should not be there at all??? There is a channel from the outside of the pump housing leading to this mystery hole so maybe it should be there. Any one got any ideas?
mark cravens
Re: Ford 9n Hydraulic lift problem

I own a Ford 9N with a front end loader (FEL). The hydraulics on the tractor work to lift and lower the rear end 3 point lift and lift and lower the FEL bucket just fine. And all works well to articulate the bucket to dump (drops down). But the engine bogs down and the bucket gets stuck and will not articulate to raise the bucket back to an "up" position. I know this is confusing to write. I can lift the bucket up and lower it down to the ground. But to articulate the single cylinder to raise the bucket from the tipped over "dump" position, is not working. It gets stuck. I know the pump is working because trying to do this bogs my engine down. And I checked all of the hydraulic lines to/from the single articulation cylinder and they are clear. I activated the hydraulics with the lines disconnected from the cylinder and fluid flows very well! Lastly, I drained the hydraulics and replaced with fresh fluid. All no help. So I took the cylinder and had it rebuilt by a hydraulic shop. Problem persists. I can articulate the bucket down easily enough but it won't raise back up, even empty. I've attached a picture of the FEL hydraulic control quadrant. The right lever raises and lowers the bucket. The Left lever articulates the bucket (back is up and forward dumps the bucket). Very few adjustment items on this quadrant. Any ideas?

charlie cornellccornell9@ My 9n lift leaver is a u shaped fork when I press it forward the lift rises and kicks back and returns to the ground. I replaced the piston with the newer style because fluid was dumping. with out the lift leaver attached on the control valve it stays up attached it want work until I pry the leaver forward.
What did I do wrong re assembling?

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