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Solenoid clicks, starter wont turn

Mark M 860 was converted to 12 volt system yrs ago. The alternator wasnt charging fully, so I pulled it and tested ok. Shop suggested alt terminals wires might be bad so I replaced them. At the time I didnt realize there was a line diode so that tractor wouldnt shut off. I started and shut off several times by pulling the coil wire, then I heard a "whirling" noise while trying to start. Now the only thing I get while trying to start is the solenoid clicking. I tried running a wire from the positive side of the solenoid to the the starter to see if it would move but only got an arcing... Any suggestions???

Mark M I posted this question in both forums, Ford/Fordson and Ford 9N.. Sorry for duplications... Plz respond to question in Ford 9N,2N,8N,NAA forum.... Thanks
Bob G I would start by removing and cleaning all four of the battery cable connections. solenoid clicking is usually caused by low battery voltage from a weak battery or bad connection. Might try jumping from truck battery direct to starter. If the same then I wouuld remove starter and have it checked out.
Good luck

Mark M After I replaced the wiring on the alternator the battery cables and tractor started and ran fine, just couldn't shut it off at the key... It was only after starting and shutting by by pulling the coil wire that the solenoid clicked and the starter wouldn't turn. Do you still think the starting problem is a possible poor connects??? Thanks
Bob G Yes, I don't see any connection between the ignition circuit and the cranking circuit that would cause your problem.

What do you have for a start button and ignition switch?

Jim Loveridge Have you put the diode back where it was?
Mark M Bob- I have a key switch and a starter button. Jim- I have not replaced the diode yet.
Mark M The tractor ran fine without the diode other than the key switch would not stop the engine. (The diode was in the wire from the alternator to the ignition) The only things I have replaced is the key switch, the wire connections to the alternator and the battery cables. After all these were replaced the tractor started and ran. It was after I started and stopped the engine a few times by pulling the coil wire trying to figure why the key wouldnt work that the solenoid starting clicking.
Bob G I would stop thinking about that the problem started when you were pulling the coil wire off. You can get mis led real easy.
I would take a wire and go from small terminal on relay to ground. the starter should crank when you make connection. make sure you are out of gear. That will check the starter switch.

the starter also has to have a good ground where it bolts to the block.
you may just have a bad solenoid.

Mark S. Listen to Bob G. I had a bad ground at the battery cable to block. I was lucky and actually saw a spark from that spot as I was looking for the problem. Cleaned it and cranked on.
Mark M Well, we went over everything making sure our grounds were good, our wiring was correct, even tried jumping starter and still couldnt get the starter to budge. We then pulled the plugs and tried turning the motor over by hand and it acted like the engine was locked up. Ended up pulling the starter and the gear was somehow jammed up with the flywheel. After getting the starter out I was able to roll the engine over by hand. I then hooked the starter up to a battery charger and it did spin. I am now having the starter being checked out at the shop before I put it back in... Anything else I should do while I have the starter out??? Thanks
Bob G I would clean the mount area of the block before you put the starter back on. Will give it a better ground. Also make sure the bendix is backed out. It will make it easier to put the starter back on. might take a look at the ring gear and make sure it is not loose on the flywheel.
Good luck

Mark M Finally got my new starter drive... I installed today and the old girl fired right up... I'm sure I'll be asking more questions in the future... Thanks for your help...

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