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naa hydraulics problems

johnb I recently bought a 1953 NAA with a vane type hydraulics pump (square shape with two tubes from the pump back underneath the tractor to the hydraulics area). We tested the lift with a 200 pound man standing on the drawbar and it seemed OK. Because the tractor fluids were unknown, I decided to change them and at the advice of the New Holland service rep used New Holland Multi G 134 in the hydraulics, transmission and differential. After loading the 3 point hitch with a box, etc. having a total weight of maybe 250 pounds the lift will grudgingly lift it on start-up but gradually drop it as the oil warms up. Speeding up the engine helps a little, but at a certain speed there is a metallic clanging in the pump. The New Holland rep is suggesting I try 80/90 weight oil or look into replacing the vane pump with a piston pump. The heavy oil route does not seem the way to go as the original specs called for a hydraulic oil and experience with 8Ns resulted in sluggish lift operation in the winter. I have a 600 with a piston pump and Multi G 134 oil and it is capable of lifting a 4 foot cube box of firewood with the front end of the tractor about to lift off the ground. However the pump oil connection is a casting connecting the pump to a point in the vicinity of the ring gear. What do you suggest ? Is there a vane to piston pump conversion kit available-where ? Is there a vane pump repair kit available-where ? Other ?
Jim Loveridge That's deffinetly the wrong oil to use in the NAA's hydraulic system. As for installing the piston pump, yes the FO-19 manual talks about doing just that. It says, "Installation of the piston type pump requires different pump suction and pressure tubes and a different engine oil pressure gage line and fittings than used with the vane type pump." I would guess that thre is a kit available. It also recomondes using a 2.5 G.P.M. pump. It says there is a 4.0 G.P.M. that will fit but it says it's only desirable for operating front end loaders, etc.
Dennis This site has rebuild parts for both the vane and piston type pumps.

It is generally an expensive decision to switch over to a piston type pump. They have their own problems with air leaks in the suction area, especially around a worn wobble shaft which itself costs about $55.

I don't know if the vane type discharge and suction lines will fit the piston pump, I know the original conversions used a new type manifold at the pump.

It is very expensive to buy a new piston pump.

If you go with a piston type, you may be able to find a used one but be aware you will need to be sure to get the suction and discharge lines with the pump and if it has not been recently rebuilt you will most likely need to rebuild it.

I am not sure if the 1955 and up fords suction and discharge lines will fit the Jubilee but I am sure the pumps are the same for quite a few years.

If you decide to install a piston type pump, I can give you some hints on rebuilding it. It is not complicated, just very difficult if you have to pull the bearings and getting the shaft seal out is a challenge.

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