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2n high range

doug s does any one know if i can change my dealer installed high range to make it a low range. I run out of power pulling loads of wood out of my woods. Can i turn the gears around?
Bob G If you have a sherman high range box, it could be changed for a sherman low range or a dual range box. not as simple as turning the gears around. Check John Smiths site.

doug s how can i tell if i have a sherman high range without splitting the tractor ? and how can i get to john smiths site?
Bob G
doug s thanks bob. this tells me a lot. not that i will probably ever find a step down sherman but i will at least know what i need to be looking for. thanks again.
Bob G I recently got a 8N with a howard in it. Hope the gears are good. I ahve not got it opened up all the way yet. Still trying to get engine unstuck.
Dennis S Doug,

You can tell which one you have by the color but I don't know of any way to look inside without splitting the tractor. If you split the tractor, I suggest you replace the clutch parts and seals that are worn. It is not a hard process, just requires putting the transmission on blocks and using an A frame to support the front as you pull it apart, of course you have to remove the hood, dog legs, gas tank and wires / lines. You will need a clutch allignment tool. If you don't have one, I can give you one if you promise to give it to someone else when you are done. email me if you want it.

You can remover the Sherman and replace it with a shaft, this will give you the original speeds. You can find a shaft by finding someone that is parting out a tractor. I bought one for $12 plus shipping. You can sell the high range Sherman.

Bob referenced a very rare Howard transmission which (as I understand it) is a very extreme step down transmission used to pull very heavy loads at a very slow rate. It generally would not be used for farming. I have seen one that was used to pull air planes for the US Navy in San Diego.

I may be having a step down for sale if I ever get around to pulling it from an 8N.

Bob G Dennis, the Howard was developed to slow down the tractor without slowing down the PTO so that the tractor could be used with rotortillers.

there was also made a creeper gear box that really slowed it up. That may be the one you are thinking of.


Dennis S Bob,

You are correct, after I looked at a picture of a Howard, I see it has a shifter on the side.

The "creeper" transmission I saw had a shifter on top and could have been an Everett. I was told the transmission I saw has about a 100 to 1 reduction.

I saw an article that said the Howard has a 3.5 to 1 reduction and would be great for a tiller.

Of course there were other makers of transmissions for the Fords and my memory is not good enough to remember most of them.


jimNCal To add to what Bob replied, if you DO use a Howard for 'pulling', be prepared to pull it out and throw it away. The 'open frame' designed version used in the 'N's was ONLY meant as a means to slow groundspeed and WILL 'twist' itself into scrapmetal if torqued in any way.
doug s my tractor has the black pull knob with the cable system. if i remove the sherman and install a shaft will that actually change anything versus having the knob not in high.
jimNCal Doug,

That sort of set-up(cable) is actually the best case scenario for 'upgrading' to the Sherman 'Combination'(Hi/Lo) transmission to get the 'LOW' range you seek, instead of a futile search for a (VERY rare) Step-DOWN. A Combo can be far more easily found for LESS than the Step-down and parts are WAY easier to obtain.
With the lever shift Step-UP(high/standard), your transmission would require a SECOND hole cored as the 'Combo' shifter has a differnt location. With the castings, front to back, being the omly 'chassis' these older Fords have, drilling multiple one & a quarter inch holes in them isn't really a good idea. BUT, your cable shift Sherman only required a small hole on the top right of the trans case. Best to put a discrete plug of JB Weld in THAT and paint if you decide to eliminate the Sherman or change to a different type.

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