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8N Oil Question

jon dennison I have a 1952 Ford 8N that my dad gave to me. I use this to mow my yard and would like to change the engine oil. Can someone tell what type of oil to use? Also, how many quarts would need to go back in. Kind of new at this tractor maintenance thing. Thanks in advance for any info.
Bob G any good 10-30 motor oil will work, if oil prewsswure is on the low side might use 20-40. mAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE OIL FILTER.NAPA has then for the 8n. off hand i tehink 5 quarts but may be 6 with the filter. I would suggest tehat you get the FO-4 service manual. It will be a great help for you.

good luck and enjoy!

jon dennison Thanks Bob G! One more really stupid question. Where is the oil filter located? I really appreciate the help. It's people like you that make this forum a great tool and a lot of help.
Bob G the oil filter is on left side of engine. round cannister with nut on top. don't have apicture on this computer tho.just aft of the generator on a 52. NAPA will have the cartrigate for it 1010 part number comes to mind but not sure. yes napa #FIL-1010.
Jim Loveridge Jon, one more thing you should do. Change the oil in the oil bath part of the air cleaner at the same time. Just unclip, and carfully pull it down and out of the way. You can use any 30wt oil that.
lha I use 15w40 ,always has been good to me.---lha
helen How many quarts of oit does an 8n tractor need and what type?
David F I have a leak in front engine/fan mount that is blowing oil back at me. Tried to tighten bolts but one broke off and now oil flowing out whenever engine running. How to fix? to I have to drain all oil and pull front mount off engine block (and pull radiator too)?? Is there a gasket that I should replace if I do tear everything apart?

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