Wet Hydraulic Connections for Ford 4600

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Wet Hydraulic Connections for Ford 4600

Willis Smith I would like to add a Wet Hydraulic Connection to my Ford 4600. So I can operate a wood spliter that has it own control valve. I have Dual Remotes already so I think I would have to come out somewhere in the area of the flow control valve. Can anyone give me the correct plumbing for such a project. Thanks
RickB Connect the splitter to one of your existing remote valves. Tie the remote valve handle in position to supply an uninterrupted flow of oil to the splitter valve. You will get the same volume and pressure oil as any other method. You could also install a tapping manifold between your lift cover and remote valve body. That is needlessly complicated and expensive, and also requires a power beyond capable log splitter valve to be correct, which you probably don't have.
jibuib Use caution if you go with the above suggestion. Problem will come when you put the Splitter control valve in the neutral position as there will be no where for the oil to go and with the handle tied in the open position your pump will have to pop the relief valve for the oil to get back into the tractor. If you do this be sure you have a line on the splitter to return the oil to the tractor sump when you release the splitter control valve. You will be dealing with very high pressure very hot oil so be careful.
Easier to just bypass the valve on the splitter and use the tractor valve and fabricate a handle to the rear of the tractor.

RickB jibuib doesn't understand the workings of the typical open centered log splitter valve. When the centered (neutral) position, oil flows in the splitter valve and back out to the tractor without restriction or pressure buildup.
jibuib Sorry but my post stands. I have worked on these tractors for years and if he doesn't have a return line to the sump pressure will build on the tractor and pop the relief valve to dump the oil. If you go with suggested method be sure to use both hoses from the tractor supply valve in order to have a return back to the tractor.
RickB The splitter valve has four ports; IN, OUT, and two work ports to the cylinder. Of course both the IN and OUT hoses have to be connected to the tractor's remote valve. The OUT hose provides a return path for "unused" oil when the splitter valve is centered as well as a return from work when the splitter valve is stroked. No reason this has to be plumbed directly to sump, it can go back to the remote couplers. Not sure where your "extra" return hose is connected. This is not my first rodeo either.

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