Wanted parts for a Ford CL30, CL40 Skid steer

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Wanted parts for a Ford CL30, CL40 Skid steer

Jonathan Buzila I require some parts for a Ford CL30 skid steer loader. I have not had any luck looking through the usual channels. I would appreciate if someone could put me in contact with anyone that may have one available for salvage.
vinnie jUST FOUND this on the web I have a ford CL40 that I would sell for parts email mail me vmdonelan@msn.com Vince
vinnie Did you get my email on the Cl40that I will sell please let me know vmdonelan@msn.com
Gordy I have a CL40 that runs great. it has a full glass cab with a door for winter. It has about 690 hours on it. I live in frankfort, Illinois if your interested. call @ 815-405-8947 or email @ echo_elec@yahoo.com
Thanks Gordy

Pat Duncan I have an operating Ford CL 40 Skid Steer, a little hard starting, but could need a new starter or larger battery. What do you need, will sell the whole thing.?
john arnold my cl30/40 is been modified with an isuzu diesel engine. we should have a club for cl30/40 owners, to swap parts and idea.
dale do you still have the skidsteer? if you do please email me thanks dale
keith i also have a cl-30 skidloader and need some part or will sell thewhole thing has new tires
donny can anyone please email me some pictures of a cl40, i am trying to purchase one blind, i want to get an idea of how they look.

Jack Pagendarm I am looking for parts for my Ford CL 40 skid steer. Please contact me if you have any parts to sell. Call Jack at 1-800-733-4570.
E-mail is jp@superiorequipco.com

Thomas Ketelsen I recently purchased a Ford CL40 and it is missed one of the wheelmotor assemblies. Need to purchase the hydraulic motor and the mounting bracket and chain sprocket. Anybody have parts available? Thanks Thomas
Bob I have a used wheel motor removed from a CL40 with bad engine. Let me know if interested. Also have one axle & two wheel sprokets.
Thomas Ketelsen Bob, Thanks again for the wheel motor. Installed it last week. It works great. The machine hasn't been run in about 10 years and now seams to run great with the exception of a few hydraulic leaks?


Thomas Ketelsen John, Did you modify your CL40 yourself or did someone else do it? There definitely needs to be a site for more information on these things. Tough to find parts.


joe i have a cl40 skidsteer.. looking to buy a wisconsin motor for it, but if i dont find one soon , am going to part it out.. everything is here, but has a bad crank... anyone interested can email me and ill let you all know what i do very soon , as i use it a lot ..
Richard Meyer I am looking for a axle shaft for a CL-40 Ford skid steer. Let me know what you have.

Thank you:

ralph Looking for axle and outer flange bearing for my Erickson skid steer model 3058 axle part #26-190 and bearing # 43-174 there are the same as the ones used on Ford CL30 and C40
alex I need an original set of wheels for my CL40. Ones I have were modified to 20" wide rim for floataion tires and tires are too expensive for my current need. Does anyone have a good original set?


Jim Looking for a 5'or 5'6" SNOW BLADE for a FORD CL 30 with pin hook up. In the PENNSYLVANIA ALLENTOWN AREA -18066. Email me
Jim Desher Looking for a snow plow to fit a CL30 Ford skid loader 5' up to a 6' with the pin hook up. Will travel 75 miles radius from the Allentown area for pick up. Email me
mike need thermostat housing for cl40 please e-mail
barry thomas Hello to all you cl40 lovers.
I live in Canada. I have a cl 40 model 6410. I paid 2500 for it am willing to sell .

Art Looking for drive motors for cl30 please CALL ME AT 419-626-2180 tHANKS -ART.
gray i was hoping someone has the exhaust pipes for a cl-40 ford skid steer i need the left and the right manifold pipes
thanks gray

gray i was hoping someone has the exhaust pipes for a cl-40 ford skid steer i need the left and the right manifold pipes
thanks gray

Ken Helbling Need a governor for for cl-40. so I can sell it. Have Original tracks and have forks for it as well.
anyone know how to fix govonor? engine idle runs away to high rpm and have to shut off. sometime works fine.thanks

eb john arnald can you tell me where you got your engine at i need a replacement for my cl-40 and i cant find one
Richard looking 4 chain & gears 4 motor 2pump has wisc.motor & bucket,and the piece you attach the bucket to that hooks on the arms that are in pretty good shape 4 CL30 skidsteer 989-728-2090 Michigan
Randy Young I am looking for the governor for a CL-40. Any help will be appreciated.


kevin woods looking for a trans for a cl40 if possilbe.where located in south carolina.
john just blew the motor in my cl40. either looking for a replacement motor or sell mine for parts. I'm located in New England.
Ron Ross I need a front axle for CL40.


murray barber I am after a water pump for my CL40. Can anyone help with a second hand one or better still where to get a new one. I am not sure what the motors in the cl40 are. I thought it was a ford motor similar to a Ford transit van. Am i right? If I could get a part number that would be good.My email is
DEAN Looking for a carburator for a CL40 with the V4 104 cubic inch engine.
Any of you guys with the bad engines or looking to part one out, email me with info and pricing on your carb.


John O Looking for some engine parts for a CL-40 Ford V4. Oil Pan, Flywheel and Flywheel to transmission coupling. I'm in Canada. Anyone interested in parting an engine? Thanks
Dan L looking at a older skidsteer.no model # unit 36b26/productid#yg01350,acordig to owner has a shirobono engine.has rod knock,can I get parts? ford but cab says thomas.
bruce i am wondering if any of you guys have any new cross reference numbers for the lift and tilt hydraulic cylinder seals for a CL45 with 1.25 dia. rod or standard rod, or maybe a place to order the original repair kit for these rams. thanks!
Chris burge I have a old cl-40 to part out or sale whole thing e mail me for pics
carl looking for hydraulic motor parts (swash plate pistons) or whole complete hydraulic motor for CL30 skid steer also have an extra wisconson motor that I will sell 14830 area ny
ken tibbs do you have any pics of CL 30 CL 40 ? can u send them im interested in parts ect?
Norman Leblanc I too am looking for parts for a 1981-82 Ford Erickson CL40 with a 40HP V4 engine - I am looking for a governor and carburator. Greatly appreciated if anyone has those available.
bruce alberts seals of all sorts are available for thomas skidsteer's at www.baumhydraulics.com! great source for many needed parts or substitutions.
bruce i am looking for a good used hydraulic oil cooler for my CL45 skid. anyone interested in selling one?
Lee Franklin If anyone has a muffler for a CL40 you would sell could you let me know.
carl 14830 selling my CL 30. something wrong with hydrolic pump. asking $2500 comes with extra wisconson motor. leave name and phone number at and I will call
Edwin Desfosses hey guys dont know if anyone still actively viewing this thread but im in need of some parts for my cl-40 ford bobcat i need the left drive motor but am interested in any parts

Alan Anyone have any idea what engine is in an older Ford CL30 I think it is a V4, I need to rebuild carb and have no idea where to start...

Please help!


Alan Peterson I need an axle shaft for a CL 40. Mine is broken off flush with the outer bearing lock ring. Can anyone help me out? Are there any jobbers out there that sell replacements? Call me @ 785-293-2110 Thanks, Alan
Guy Campo Can anyone help me?Looking for the orings for the end cap of the drive motor.For a Ford cl 30. Maybe a company I could order from would be great . Thanks
Jeff Moss Do you have a governor for a skidsteer CL40? A Hoof BD 1000 will work. please email me
Carl Hallmark Morgan ad "I HAVE VARIOUS PARTS FOR SALE IN INTERESTED IN ANY KINDLY CONTACT ME......." is a scam. some jerkoff from london will call every night at 3 am and try to get you to send money to him for parts he claims he has but can not send pics of.
Erickson axles can be purchased from HM Herman manufacturing in Wells, MN. Contact John at 507-553-6241

bruce Im looking for attachments for my CL45. any used/reasonable mower, posthole digger. forklift, buckets, including cement bucket. call me in florida at 352 450 5496. thanks!
david selling my ford cl40 running cond
decent tires
machine runs great
runs on propane which isnt bad
'but can easily be put back to gas run
email me tirioloservices@yahoo.com
iam in ct 06704

Ron I have a erickson or the same as the ford cl 40 skidloader, engine went bad was ging to put a diesel in it but was ging to take to much adapting plus the disc plate that connects the pump to the crank was cracked, I have located a v 4 engine for it but ineed the disc plate, if anyone has one i would be interested or else will sell the complete skid loader, I had broken it downa nd sand blasted and repainted it, Has been sitting in the machine shed 3 years now
319 961 0883

Russ im looking for a hydraulic oil cooler for my cl30 skid steer if anyone has one please or knows wear i can purchase one please e mail me thanks
ken every thing worked good till hyd drive motor blew seal
ken 330 3015874
Paul I'm considering buying a cl40 with a bad hydraulic pump, does anyone know what model pumps these use? So i know what kind of mess i'll be buying into?
Dennis Davis Looking for new water pump or (rebuild kit ?) for ford C L 40 skid steer.
Andy Heitzman Looking for a water pump for CL 35 new, used any!
john mott engin is in an erickson skid steer.
Jim I have a cl 30 for sale in northern california, 95677---it will need a restore, but it does work right now. I will reply to e-mails - but i am only going to list it for sale for one month,
today is 10-27-2010 so if you read this after 11-31-2010- please do not reply as it will be sold. Or no longer for sale, Thanks !

Bob I'm in need of a good Ford CL 40 right hydraulic drive motor. Bob 608-320-0022
craig lively I am in need of a right rear wheel bearing assembly for my cl30. I am also willing to sell the unit outright. Everything else works and comes with forks. Wisconsin engine was rebuilt. newer tires. Call 231 838-7481
Ed shaver I have a CL40 Skidsteer I am selling for parts. I have all parts except for engine parts. call(607)221-6257 (Cell anytime) or (607) 693-1105 betweem 6pm-8pm.
Craig I have a CL30 that I am selling it runs great. Needs new seal & bearing for right rear. Bucket, forks, engine was rebuilt 400+ hours,new starter.
Asking $3,500.00 231 838 7481. Northern MI.

John Looking to sell my Ford CL40 skid steer have set of forks for it and bucket. Tires are in very good shape and everything works on the machine even lights.
scott Iam looking for parts or whole machine 262 424 6474
Re: Wanted parts for a Ford CL30, CL40 Skid steer

I have a CL40 I am parting out. no drive motors and engine likely stuck. one set extra heads/etc of second cratered engine. Pasadena, Tx
Jan 23, 2011

william if you need a waterpump for a cl40 i can sure fix you up a i will have engines soon just send me and email to thanks
larry does any one have the hyd drive shaft for cl40
ed shaver I am selling my ford cl40 i have a flysheel exoust axles most parts to the engine i am located in New York my number is (607)693-1105 you can call anytime after 5PM or my cellphone that number is (607)221-6257
Dennis Rudder I am looking for carbuator and fuel pump for a CL40 skid loader with V4 ford engine. I am getting ready to rebuild this engine so I am also looking for any new gasket sets,ring sets or other part needed for rebuild
mark Am looking for a carburator for my cl40.Any help would be great as to if I can use a different type carb.Right now I have on a zenith carb,but willing to try something different.Thanx
Thai I need the pin type,looking for pallet forks,bail spear,buckets you name it i need it.
 CL40 Skid steer

Selling my Ford CL 40 skid steer has good tires on it runs decent a little hard starting comes with bucket and set of pallet forks. Located in NJ

Dennis Rudder
Re: Wanted parts for a Ford CL30, CL40 Skid steer

I am in the process of rebuilding the engine in my CL40. I have located mains, rod bearings, .20 over for saab 1.7 Lt. Also standard cam and ballance shaft bearings for the same. I had to use intake valves from a 2.0 Lt which were big but was able to grind in to fit. The exauhst vales there ok, just need ground. We used standard 70's Pinto Piston which fit the old rods but had to bore the block .40 to fit. The engine is going together real nice.

Dennis Rudder
Re: Wanted parts for a Ford CL30, CL40 Skid steer

More pictures of rebuild

mike schmidt just bought cl40 with bad hydraulic motors or will sell my machine has excellent V4 402.320.2600
troy I am looking for both exhaust pipes and mufflers for ford 104 v4 I live in minnesota. can email me or post a number
Merrell looking for a good radiator for a CL40

Merrell I need a radiator for a CL40. If anyone is parting a loader out and you have a good radiator, please let me know.

Dwayne West Looking for a drive axle sprocket for a Ford CL-30 skid steer. I tried to reply to a few links here and the internet wont let me through, so here is my number. 330-687-9512 Thanks.
grover fisher i need the frount drive axle
i have two drive motors for sale

grover fisher phone me 6037302865
Jack Have '79 cl40. Am looking for different motor conversion ideas. Please help! All information is greatly appreciated.


lee franklin i am looking for a governor for a 104 engine cl40
doug pike I have a late 70 Cl40/wv-4,runs exceptionaly good.It has 1 new tire,3 okay,new 8oocca battery,electric fuel pump,burns absolutely no oil,nor leaks any.The bad is the hydraulics leak,axles all good,bucket good,needs seals,O Rings,gaskets,has cage,usable but goes through 10w30 oil.Will sell for best offer,don't get rediculous,I won't give it away,I really enjoy using it,just tired of the oil thing.
Eric Deiter I am looking for a radiator for my CL40 with the Erickson 4cyl motor. Also looking for exhaust & fuel pump. Any info on cross refference radiators that will work would also be appreciated....
Duane I am looking for brake hubs and brackets for a cl 30/40 thanks Duane

Travis Miller I am looking for a complete loader and bucket assembly for a ford cl40. Im in southern minnesota
joey baker I need a distributor for a 1978 ford cl 40. The number on the distributor that is in it is 76 ET 12 1OO HB. It is a v 4 ford engine. 104 cubic in. All parts stores say they cant find one. please help with an aftermarket or used one. Thanks
Ron Jurgensmeier Thomas Ketelsen, I need help locating the filler hole for the wheel chain tank that the wheels drive through. I need to know how to fill it with oil. Since you apparently installed the wheels, maybe you can give me a clue where the filler hole is located. Thanks
James Hello,Have some new Erickson/ Ford parts in my Ebay store Industrial Parts And Wholesale Inc.
ERK35-1275 Fuel Gauge Erk21-1056 Cyl Rod
ERK20-173 Cylinder ERK21-605 Cyl Rod
ERK26-172 Hub ERK20-173 Cylinder
ERK35-1061 steel tank ERK27-627 Brake Asy.
ERK21-189 Cylinder Tube
ERK13-398 Front gauge panel

david trisch cl40 unfinished project. rebuilt engine,second engine available. would prefer to sell complete as is, might consider parting out. best offer/located in michigan
Richard 04/24/2012 Hello. I have a CL-40 I bought years ago that has been sitting in the New Mexico sun for a long time. The previous owner told me that it threw a rod and would turn over but was damaged. I have never done anything with it. I believe all the parts are there but I would like to get rid of it. I am trying to decide if scrapping it or selling it for parts would be better. What would be a fair price for it? I could post/send pictures if they would help. Thank you for any help.
Len Parting out cl40, 1979.

Drive motors work, but leak oil into drive boxes. Motor ng, loaned it to a friend, never ran again, think it was just needing a valve job, motor was removed. Email soon, it's heading to the scrap yard soon. Will sell complete cheap too. No exhaust, rebuilt starter, located in southeast corner of ct. Listing put up 5/2/2012

Todd I have a cl40,,great little machine, that is until the drive pump took a crap. I am trying to locate one or two. and possibly a drive motor or two.

Thanks,,posted 7-5-2012

Gerald Lambing I need a thermostat housing for my Ford CL 40 skid steer. Any idea on where I can get one?
Warren David I would like the hydraulic valve for the CL30 or 40, I believe they are the same and also the wheel bearings for all the wheels if someone has a new set would be great? Email me at
david walker how much you asking for your loader
Dave Z I am in need of a govenor or info for a replacement govenor for myu 74 cl-40 also i am looking for a muffler
LARRY TALBOTT need a 50-16 wrap roller chain for a cl 30.
it is a single roller and is wide 5/8.

Clifford Stewart Need Carburetor for cl40---also right & left exhaust


mike malcanas i gave up on repairing mine so have descided to part it out. just rebuilt the whole engine and exhaust, good tires bucket etc,i had a great running machine til right side drive motor blew. id like to sell the whole thing call mike 412 480 4270
vince I'm looking for a working CL40 governor, my tractor was built in 1977. If any one can help.

Perry Mayer Need water pump for ford CL40 located in illinois
Troy Just inherited a cl-40 skid steer and am looking for a thermostat housing and a bucket. You can cal me @ 361-790-6260
douglas pike l have 2 cl-40's,one runs,needs carburetor,have 2 great non smoking engines,that run very good,strong, have 8 brand new tires,new battery,1 snow bucket,1 dirt,also tooth bar(new)1 needs drive pump repair,the other has no leaks works very well,can deliver for price,or you can pickup,l have 2 parts manuals,2 cages,if you purchase both will make a decent deal on trailer,that will haul both-- make an offer l can't refuse--lots of extras and not as high as you might think??????
douglas pike phone for above message is 402-575623,just north of omaha,ne
douglas pike phone for above message is 402-571-5623

,just north of omaha,ne

cody i have a white 4-30L just put a 4 cyl diesel in it now i noticed i have one set of drive gears and chain bad still using it but slipping any body got a set
cody hey guys i need a set of drive gears and chain for one wheel mine is a white 4-30L same as ford cl30 thanks
Gene Sievel I know you posted this several years ago but did you ever find the housing?
I just cracked mine and would like to find a replacement.

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