Ford 3000 front end loader

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Ford 3000 front end loader

Jim Harmon Will a "Bushhog" front end loader work on a Ford 3000 Diesel? What size loader? Are ROPS available for this tractor?
cockshuttguy My 2 cents worth- Unless you are going to do light work I would not put a loader on my 3000.
The front ends are not designed strongly enough for a loader. I have a 3000 and would not put a loader on it. A 4000 or 5000 yes, they have a different front end structure.

Don and more 2 cents' worth:

While I would tend to agree with the cockshuttguy if talking about a lighter, fast detatch type loader,
I disagree with his assessment if speaking about a heavier frame loader.

I've had a 1969 Ford 3 cyl.diesel for about 7 years now, one that I bought BECAUSE it had a heavy frame loader already attached.
This was a used tractor obviously, and it was previously used as a municipal machine with the loader more or less permanently attached.
I've used it almost exclusively with the bucket on, mostly for light road grading with a box blade and backdragging with the bucket,
and things such as gravelling our own roads and driveways, moving dirt, sand, and compost for building some garden beds for my wife.
The first few times I did a couple acres of 2 bottom, 14" plowing and disking with a 7' heavy disk, I did remove it, but now, I'm using
lighter disk, and don't plow as deeply, so I basically leave it on. This loader has more than paid for itself and the rest of the tractor
in the 700+ operating hours I've put on it, just in using it occasionally over those years. In fact, I was able to push myself back out
of a too wet field just a couple of days ago by using the bucket and a couple of 4x4's to lift the front wheels with the bucket and then
push the tractor backwards a foot or two at a time with the bucket by digging into them and curling the bucket forwards. Beats digging
out by a long shot.

Technically speaking:
The loader weighs about 1000#, according to the shipping weight info in the Ford loader manual, and that's dry weight. It holds 10.5g oil,
so it's probably closer to 1100#. The basic F2000 is rated at 3615#, with the recommended total weight being 6000# including ballast, weights,
and mounted equipment, according to the Operator's Manual. I figure that mine runs right at 5500# without any rear implement, allowing about 1080#
for the loader, 600# of total ballast in the 14.9x24 rears, the larger size 7.5x16 6ply fronts, plus about 200# for me, the toolbox and misc.
and I usually have the 410+# box blade on when I'm doing any significant lifting, so I'm very close to Ford's weight "limit" of 6000# for the machine.
I believe that they are being conservative with that figure, probably based on using the standard sizes of tires that the machine was shipped with.

In the same official manual, they give the "maximum permissable load" ratings for the size tires that I'm now using as: 1560# x 2 @ 36psi for the front, and
2700# x 2 @ 14psi for a 4 ply rating of the rears, and I'm running 6 ply tubeless with tubes in both front and rear. That comes to a total tire capacity
of 8520#, using their more conservative figures.

This works out very well as the lift capacity of the loader is given as 2200# at full height, a condition I never try to come close to approaching,
because it is rare to be on level ground anywhere around here.

I wouldn't recommend using anything less than that amount of ballast as the recommended counterbalance weight for this loader is given
as 2000# MINIMUM for the Ford tractors listed in the loader manual, and even though I'm very close to 6000# total tractor weight, the
counterweight at the rear isn't enough with only the filled tires and 400# box blade on. I can tell you from personal experience,
that even when I'm using the weighting that I've described, it's fairly easy to pick the rear wheels up if you let drop even a half
loaded bucket too quickly. Your model 3000 is rated at only 100# heavier to start with, but it has nearly 1000# more "allowed" safe
tractor weight so I'd really encourage you to weight the tires and hang a heavier implement or counterweight.

mike w what is the model# for ford 3000? i am looking for a loader without much luck.thanks
cockshuttguy Sorry I can't help with a number. I've seen very few satisfied 3000's with loaders. Maybe if you are doing just light work you could get by. I've seen a few tore up and broken from having a loader attached. The front end is a sweep type and not too good for loaders. A call to your local AGCO dealer will help you with the numbers for loaders that fit a 3000. Hope this helps.
I've found that an industrial loader is best for someone like me who has little experience with loaders and reef on it too hard now and then.
I have a MF 30 with an industrial loader (a beast) and it has taken the beating so far.
Good Luck
PS- Our 3000 is a family heirloom and I would never put a loader on it. My 2 cents.

pamc1950 My husband has his fathers 1969 Ford 3000 tractor and we purchased a used manure front end loader bucket type. Will this hurt the tractor? Also the end loader is yellow and we need some parts but don't have a clue who made the end loader. Can you help?
sftd I would definitely recommend one - my family has a 60 something 3000 with a bushhog front loader. While the weight has drawbacks such as harder steering, sinks into the mud faster, and doesn't pick up dirt as well as a proper loader, the front bucket adds exponential usefulness: everything from helping push the machine out of the mud (out land is wet), grading, moving small amounts of dirt, hoisting, loading items into trucks, pulling out fence posts, if you are in a tight area you can use the loader to lift the front wheels off the ground and then really crank the wheels - endless uses.
Peter Have had a loader on our 3000 since the 70's and NO PROBLEMS....just replaced the cylinder seals once and thats it. Also have the full weights on the rear wheels.....not sure how wide the bucket is but its wider than the track of the tractor. Only thing I was wondering and how I ended up on this page is if there is a different rim/tire setup for the loader to more evenly distribute the weight on the front and not have the sidewalls roll or deform when turning?
Goode Hill A guy wants to sell me a front end loader from a 64 4000. Wondering if it would work on my 71 3 cyl. 3000?
Crowman7 I'm not sure why cockshuttguy has such an issue with putting an FEL on a 3000, but I have had no problems except with the loader itself which was in bad shape when I got it and had been abused. The 3000 is a pretty solid machine and seems to handle the loader quite well.
Joe Hoag I have a 1968 Ford 3000 gas powered with a Ford heavy duty loader. The loader pump is driven off the front of the engine and is deciated to the loader. The loader is fast and strong. I made a 3 point hitch 55 gal. drum filled with cement counterweight (1180 lbs.) for loader use, tires are loaded as well. Works well with no complaints. I don't think I'd be as happy if it didn't have power steering.

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