re ford 555 backhoe

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re ford 555 backhoe

carson ellerbee I recently bought a ford 555 backhoe and the motor runs great but after it runs a few minutes it will not go forward but it will still move in reverse and all the hydraulics still work what causes this? and how much to fix it?

rick first check the transmission and rear end fluid levels - probably just low from seal leakage. These dipsticks are under the floor after unscrewing 2 oval access panels by your feet. If fluid level is fine could be a charge pump. The hydraulics use a different pump and reservoir.
john the 555 also will not shift at a high rpm with the hudraulic shuttle trans. If anyone is experiencing slow starter turnover , remove the ground cable from the starter and ground to THE FRAME. Ford's grounding thru the starter does not work very well.
sunshine i lost my service manual ro my 555 backhoe.i need a picture of the leak off line and where the line coming from it attaches to. when i put gas in my tractor it leaks out on the ground.
Kenny Lovell Hi I have a 81 Ford 555 Backhoe and after running it for a couple hours it acts like the transmission is slipping. I have been told its probably the pump but does anybody know where the pump is located? Can it be rebuilt? How much are new ones. Thanks for all your input.
Rikster Disclaimer - I know nothing... but...
I have an '83 555 and there is nothing mysterious about it. It is built essentially like a truck with an automatic transmission. So the 'pump' that you are looking for is probably the Torque Converter. I believe you have to split the tractor to access it.

Before doing so be sure you have fluid in the transmission and read-end. Also, more than once I felt my transmission was slipping - only to find I had the thing in 4th gear instead of 1st. Not hard to do given the gear layout is different than most vehicles. I'd recommend you raise the wheels with the outriggers and go through the gears to see if the same symptom applies to all gears.

Good luck, and let us know what the answer is.

john nauerth III Assuming you have the hyd. reversing 4 speed trans. there is an inspection acess under trans. where a pressure gage can be attached to check pressure . Modulating valve could also be faulty. A set of manuels is available for 100$.
kenny lovell Thanks for the input. When checking the pressure do you know what it is suppose to be at??? How do you check the modulating Valve??? Thanks for your help.
Dennis I have a 81, 555 and it is also losing power in foward. I am waiting for a service manual right now but in the meantime I was wondering if this backhoe problem was ever solved and if so what were the findings ? Thanks

Dennis Last message response

kenny lovell No I have never gotten this fixed yet. But if you fix yours please let me know what you had to do..

Dennis I have recievied the service manuels and have gone thru all of the diagnostics.
I was told to check the fluids (which I did), at first and they were low. I filled them and it was of not of any use.
When I first got the machine it was working fine (a little loss in the bucket).
I am not sure weather we overused it without fluids being up or weather it was leaking.
I replaced the boots in the rear where the brakes are located (they were leaking pretty bad), but that is in the rear.
I am now in the process of replacing the transmission front pack .
I will let you know, or e-mail mail in a few weeks to let you know how it came out.

kenny lovell I have a short term solution to the problem of losing power in forward. My backhoe got to where it would only go into 1 and 2 and reverse. When we first got the backhoe we had a similar problem after it got hot and a service tech told us that there was a screen somewhere in the transmission but you had to split it to get to it. He said a good wayt to help clean the screen is to drain the tranny and put about 2 gallons of diesel in it and then run through the gears quickly, like 2 minutes. Then shut it off drain the diesel out of the tranny and fill it back up. We did this and it helped. We also just recently did this again because it wouldnt go into 3rd or 4th and pull it self. Now that I did that again there is no problem right now with it. I put it in 4th from a dead stop and with no problem it took right off and got u to speed. Also having a problem with the hydraulics getting slow after awhile of using it. Clean the screen in the bottom of the fiull tank and change the filter. Works just as fast as it always has now that I cleaned the screen and changed filters again. Up Keep!!!! Well hopefully this helps for a little bit. Let me know how your tearing apart the front goes. Was it hard to do??

Kenneth Lovell Anybody looking to buy a Ford 555 I will ell mine. It is an 81 and is still having transmission trouble. It will go fine in 1st, 2nd reverse and up until it heats up you cvan get it in 3rd and 4th. If anybody is interested email me @

john worth I have a 555A backhoe with a automatic shuttle. It got to were it did not shift as fast, now it will not move when it get hot.Do you know of a fix,with out taking it apart and putting in a new torque converter? Whatis the pressure reading is suppose to be? I need a used repair manual for 555A? Thanks John
Hugh Recently inherited my uncle's Ford 555 Backhoe - needs oil change - found filter and dipstick - need to know what type/grade motor oil and where to pour it in. Thanks
Joe I recently bought a 555 and it has been doing
very well other than a few hoses. Was doing some
heavy pushing backfilling a ditch, noticed oil
leak coming from plate on bottom of torque converter. All is still working fine, but oil
is pouring out. I know it's not good, but anybody know what it is? thanks for any help.

janelle Troyer What kind of rear differential fluid does this puppy take?
Please email

jack got a ford 555 backhoe, two holes in floor board
one little, one bigger one. think my helper put gear oil in the wrong hole, i drained it all out, put new filter on it, now it want take forward or reverse. any advice needed

h desimone I have a 555A backhoe with a automatic shuttle. It shifts fine for about 15-20 minutes, then it will not move. the oil is warm but not extremly hot. I disconnected the transmission coolant return hose from the radiator and it circulating & pumping fine.

This issue seems to be a standard occuring problem with these by reading the blog. Does any one know what causes this to occur? Do you know of a fix, without taking it apart and putting in a new torque converter?

Pat Our ford 555b is dragging its brakes no matter how I adjust heats up & bogs in top gear...any thoughts on a fix?
mcmillon what are you asking for the 555 ? email me @ thanks james mcmillon
Gene I have 555D and the hand parking brake just stop working.
Looking at the over center lever, it pull for the brake cable, but as the handle get to about 10 O;clock or about half the pull up, the little shaft that pulled the the single brake cable up
releases and with the handle over centered and lock, the brakes are no set.
Have service manual no info there.
Thanks anyone that might have a solution

willie My 1988 ford 555 B with a power reverse transmition will not move forward or backward. checked pump pressures and they are fine. I checked the input shaft and the reverse input shaft they are fine. dump valve is new and modulator valve is fine. What can the problem be? Torque converter?
Mike Peterwas Hi I have a ford 655A it runs strong but when it get hot it wont go forward only reverse anyone know how to fix this ?
Mike Peterwas also its a 1989 ford 655A if someone can help please e mail me or post also what kind of fluid do you use i was using a universal for 2 years now and now it wont go foward when it gets warmed up butwhen its cold it will move forward thanks mike
Clarence Mitchell
Re: re ford 555 backhoe

I have a 1985 ford 550 backhoe when warms won't change to forward or reverse. Replaced torque converter,transmission pump and changed filters. Need some help with what the problem is.

jeff does anyone know what the number would be for a hyd. filter on a ford 555 backhoe
Bill Thomas Bought '84 thinking the hydraulic pump was shot. Ford mechanic examined the pump and told me to check strainer at the bottom of the reservoir. This proved to be stopped up with fiber and what looked like plastic threads. It had great pressure and everything worked for two days. All hydraulics lost front and rear. Changed hydraulic system filter today but this did nothing to help. Help!!!
mark need the control valve for the transmission

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