Ford 3000 Diesel, 1975 - installing wiring to the starter

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Ford 3000 Diesel, 1975 - installing wiring to the starter

Ginny Help! My guys have been basically rebuilding this tractor after it caught fire last fall. Cause of the fire is unkown and it was not in use at the time it burned. It had been working great until it burned. All has gone well on the rebuilding with help of the manuals up to the point of installing the starter wiring. They can't find a way to wire the starter. It is a 5" starter and the original wiring is too badly burned to visualize correct placement of the new wiring. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Ginny
Steve I can mail you the wiring diagrams if you send me an address, Steve
Ginny Hi Steve,
Thank you so much for your reply and your offer to mail the wiring diagram. Since my original post, my son has ordered a new and larger starter for the tractor, which may solve the problem. It seems the other starter which was on the tractor at the time it burned was not the right starter to go with the wiring recommended in the manual, so had at some point been changed from the original. I will ask him if he would like the diagram mailed to him and let you know.Thanks again.

Dennis A Cubbage Steve, I saw this predicament, and am just about in the same boat. Have got'70 model FORD 3000, diesel, w/generator,w/manifold preheater. Wiring harness shorted out, burnt wires, but not tractor. Bought new master harness,but no directions. Some can figure out,,,,but! Could you possibly send me e-mail of schematic or spec drawing of wiring layout, especially around voltage reg., tach,key switch,etc. Would really appreciate it, THNX! DAC
stacey fulbright i have a simliar problem with my ford 3000 mine will not stay charged.i have a new battery i have had the generater checked and everything i even head my new battery checked twice i dont know what else to do.
Peter Hi steve
im a south african bloke struggling to get a wiring diagram of a ford 3000. can you email it to me please! thanks alot

Jerry Stevens Question??
1975 Ford 3000 Diesel
Positive ground? Negitive Ground?

Magnus Reply to Jerry Stevens:
On my grandfathers Ford 3000 It's negative ground. =)
If your tractor turns out to have positive ground, something I don't find very likely, I'd seriously consider changing that.

Shane Snoddy I have a 1971 Ford 3000 Diesel I have been working on. I have bought a complete wiring harness, voltage regulator, and battery for it. Did not come with wiring diagram. wire colors do not match old harness. Cannot find one on internet. Does anyone have a wiring diagram they can send me? Thanks
rick tate need help I need a wiring diagram for my ford 3000 diesel tractor it has a generator and voltage regulator 12volt system
tim i have a 1971 ford 4000 diesel with a generator. i want to change it over to an alternator, but cannot find a wiring diagram to show how to rewire the alternator. can you send me a copy of the wiring diagram of the generator and how to wire the alternator. i am going to use an one wire alternator, thanks.
Larry I'm in the same boat as may others. I also need a schematic for the 3000 diesel tractor. I have a manual but the schematic pages were stuck together and are unreadable. Can someone send me a readable schematic.
dennis keene need wiring diagram for 1970 ford 4000 diesel
Bob Mccay Just installed new wiring harness on my 1970 Ford 3000 Tractor after it caught fire somewhere close to the voltage regulator. Everything went well and it cranked right up. After running a few minutes it began smoking around the voltage regulator and I shut it off. I unplugged the hot wire from the generator and started the tractor, I let it run for 20 minutes and there was no smoke. Any ideas what I did wrong?
Eric Yes, Steve if you can email me the schematics I would appreciate it.. I have a 73 Ford 3000 and need them to wire up the ignition switch and starter..


john holstein in stalled new starter on ford 3000.missing a place to hook up switch.i start the tractor by jumping across the solenoid. help

David Owens I'm in need of a wiring diagrahm for my ford 3000, that cuaght on fire. I bought harness and regulator but like everyone else, I got no instructions with it. Can someone please help me out.
James Ward I would like the wiring diagram for the voltage regulator for 1971 Ford 3000. I purchased a Sparex wiring harness.


James Ward

Richard Posey Please send me wiring diagrams for a Ford 3000
diesel tractor. Showing wiring installation for alternator 1975 model.

Rob Same situation as other posts. Replacing burned up starter(5") and wiring. My tractor has alternator FYI. Have general idea of wiring hookup; need to be certain. Can't afford even a slight whoops.
Any drawing or diagram would be appreciated; particularly from key switch to starter and to alternator. Thank you

Syl Do you have the wiring diagram for the solenoid and starter for a Ford 3000 gas tractor? If so, could you please email me the diagram? Thanks
Paul W Moore Rob
My tractor also has an alternator. Do you have a diagram for the wiring harness. I have a manual for a generator but not for an alternator.


JW Taylor Send to this address too please:

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