Ford CL40 Skidsteer

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Ford CL40 Skidsteer

Mark Need a starter for a V4 Ford skidsteer. The original is missing. Ford, New Holland, Ford Industrial and Sabb do not have them. Any one have one?
Jason Podgorski My dad got a starter from Napa Auto parts for his CL_40 skidsteer.
Now he needs oversized bearings for the rods.
ANy suggestions?

Fred Dehn Just got tired of trying to find parts for my CL40 and made an engine swap. Ford Bronco V/6 fit and now I have a better unit I can always get parts for. One year later though I am now having a rough time finding a Hydraulic Motor wheel drive. Fred
james fitzgerald hey fred my motor is shot in my cl 40 what year and make of engine did you use and how hard was it to swap
Tim Fred,

Does it require many modifications to the bell housing? I also have a bad fly wheel. Is a Ford Bronco fly wheel compatible?

Right now, my motor needs rebuilding. Just wondering which way I should go and does anyone have suggestions?

tracy Does anyone have a simple electrical wiring diagram for a CL40? Simple wires from coil, starter, start button, key switch, etc.??? My wiring is not in place and I was looking for the basics of connecting a to b to c, etc.



Neil L. Calanca I need a new motor for my ford skidsteer, i dont want a rebuilt, any one know where i can find one. please contact me via e mail, thank you.
tony harvey I have a v-4 ford industrial engine. It runs excellent. If interested give me a call @ 937-492-7413.
Dan There is one on E bay as of 2/18/2009
Thomas I'd like to know more information from Fred Dehn on his V-6 Bronco powered CL-40 skid loader. Is that a 3.0 or 4.0 L V-6? And tips you can give us? Parts for the 104 V4 are getting hard to come by or costing an arm and a leg. I got a quote of $125 a piston if you want to overhaul them.


barry thomas
tony . i replaced my hydralic pump. I can't remember the proper hose connections from the pump to the gear motors.Can you please help my with a diagram?

barry thomas
Hi Neil.Do you have a manuel for this cl40.I replaced a hydralic pump and don't remember how these hoses looked before i took the pump out. Can you please help if you have a diagram. It would be from the pump to the gear motors.

Bill In PA, McGarvey equipment in Reynoldsville, has diagrams for it. They have been very helpful to me.
Michael Penz
Re: Ford CL40 Skidsteer ****LOTS OF INFO!****

I have had hard times finding parts and info on cl40 too. I am posting here to help out the cl40 club members.I plan to sell this unit shortly, so here is my contribution. I find this board super valuable!I have the Ford cl40 with 1.4cu v4.
1. I have a cl30 & cl40 manual for it-cost me 25.00. Can send electronic scans.

2. Starter is a Bosch 431, part# 0001311103 with 2 bolt mounting and it is also noted as fitting 1979-84 Saab 900,900s,900turbo models with the 2.0 ltr engine. I had mine rebuilt for 170.00 including a new solenoid that is mounted external on the stater and attached. I see some on ebay in the 260-280.00 range=ridiculous. If I didnt have the core to rebuild-I would get one for the Saab and have it rebuilt.

3. I had to replace the rotted out rims as well. Looked forever but found them new for a very reasonable price at Sadam Tire in Silver Lake NY. Around 80.00 each with correct offset and valve guards on the 10" wide rims. NOT the agri wheels on backwards like some people do but what it calls for. This guy has a HUGE warehouse of rims and tires from tiny to as big as a semi.

Hope this will help someone else-contact me if I can help, I know this board helped me.

wildbill what year did u get the v-6 out of my engine in my cl-40 is junk to. what kinds of mods did u have to do
mark klement today is 2-23-2010, does any body know how old these ads are? i am getting a cl40 next week that won't start and was wondering if i might be betteroff parting it out
Re: Ford CL40 Skidsteer

i now have the cl40 skidsteer, it runs but needs tlc as does the trailer i am asking 1500 for both

mark klement gone

Paul can you say what model pump you bought as a replacement and, where you got it and how much? I'm considering buying a cl40 that has a bad pump and i'm trying to figure out what i'm getting into.
Len Yeah, I have one. Love it, really strong, runs like an oxe, and sips the fuel down pretty good. that's the good. bad. exhaust is gone, and jerry rigged up with some black pipe and conduit. Holds for now. Some day I'll replace it all. Now, I loaned it out to a buddy, and the starter is fried. So, time to find a new one at a good price. Ugh.. what a pain.
scott Say how did that starter search go? I am looking
for one as well. I would appreciate any info,

stan skupien Looking for a muffler for a cl40 skid steer, can you help?
barry thomas do you still have cl40 give me a call 1(204) 645-4418 need one just like yours in canada

barry thomas need a motor for cl40 can you help my home phone number is 1(204)645-4418 my cell number is 1(204) 308-0081
Re: Ford CL40 Skidsteer

I have a whole cl40 I used a few parts from and selling the rest. If you need anything, list what you need and what you are willing to pay. I am not a dealer, I just need to regain my investment in this used machine in Pasadena, Tx. Already disassembled with many hours involved in doing so.

Dave Possible find for starter for CL40 with ford V4. Search for Karam starter and alternator #16407. It is listed as a Bosch 12 volt Clockwise rotation 9 tooth starter for a Saab Sonett 1968-1974
Mark I have a cl40 w/bucket for sale.
V4 ford, gas engine
runs perfect
needs hyd main drive pump
foam filled tires
eng is removed but can hear run
some extra parts
located in indiana

michael penz Is there a release for the hydraulic pump to the motor? A disenguage for the pump?
bob hunter hi iam looking for some informaition on the hoof govener, would like to see a piture of the carb and springs hook up to the govener ilive in on. canada thx
bruce hi fathfull cl40 ford users iv had my skid seer since 1980 4 change over motors useing early model ford transit v4 2 liter petrol motors useing original fly wheel with a holden te gemini ring gear and starter motor on the gear box engine adaptor plate if you are loking for drive motors b l shipway adelaide south australia has them with the tapered sharft well my freinds im looking for a hydro statik gear box for the cl40 send me an email if anyone has a spare tha still operates and how mutch
jim i have complete running cl40 was working till hydraulics stopped.either want complete hydraulic drive pump or will sell.v-4 engine runs good tires r decent,also have manual
John BB I am looking for a drive hub. It goes from the flywheel plate to the main hyd. drive motor. 15 spline, 3 3/4" O.D. , 6 bolt #ERK26235
John BB I am looking for a drive hub. It goes from the flywheel plate to the main hyd. drive motor. 15 spline, 3 3/4" O.D. , 6 bolt #ERK26235
Rodney Bratsven I put a yannmar diesel out of a refer trailor in my cl40 have more power at 1/4 throttle than full throttel with a v4 ford , also have another one that I need rims for 10.5 16
jimmy I need to know the hyd. host connecting pattern for 1968 ford cl40
Bennie Kersey I need the plate that mounts on the flywheel that runs the pump for the main hydraulics

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