need help identifying ford backhoe-loader

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need help identifying ford backhoe-loader

Ray Herlocher i just purchased this tractor. was told it was a 1968 4500 I.D. tag on tractor found numbers stamped on right side as follows.
6 H 18---
C167176 7603---
any help would be appreciated

gerald If this was on the right side eng. block 6H18, I think the 8 may be a B. I come up with Augest 1,1966.
Paul; The engine serial number is lower center of the engine block. The production code is stamped on the right hand side also, but it's near where the transmission bolts attach. This appears to be the number that you posted. The 6H18 is likely 6H1B which means the engine was produced in (6) 1966 (H) August (1) first day of month (B) day shift

To identify your tractor, the model, serial number and production code may be located on the top right hand side of the bellhousing. These numbers will explain model number, chassis type, fuel type, P.T.O. type and transmission type. If you reply with these, I'll see if I can decode them for you.

Lon I am purchasing a model 555, ford backhoe-loader.
The engine serial # appearing on lower right center of engine is D5NN8015G. Also on the right lower left of engine I find the following numbers _ _ _ _ 7008C, 8E1B. Can you advise to production date of this unit?

Will I too have a 1968 Ford 4500 Backhoe/loader. I have read that in 1969 and newer the engines came with spin-on oil filters. Mine has an older type cartridge element filter on the driver's side. Mine too has very little informaiton on the machine as to when it was manufactured.
Ernie I have a strange one also can you help me with ID. please respond to e-mail add.
gerald Ernie,need to know your model#. Should be on the right side transmision mounting pad, Also under the right hood panel.
Ernie MOD. 1821 s/n 103547. on the engine r/h side B9NN 6015B cast in. Loder is a 712
gerald Ernie,Try getting the letters and numbers off the trans. Numbers should look like this C1010025A and or like LG001005A5 from the eng. Letters along with the numbers are the key. good luck
James I recently bought a 4500 ford and have been trying to identify the year I was told it was a 1964. After viewing this site and others I think it is a 1969 or newer, but none of the pictures I found have big fenders like mine. After cleaning and sanding I found a SSN of *D591353* can anyone help me with this, is this a 4500 and what year could this be, it does have the spin style oil filter.
bob I need help identifying a ford 555b hoe. Numbers I find on manufacturing plate are C758344, model DF 8111, Unit 6C13B. Any help would be much appreciated. Also what web site would give this info? Thanks, and God bless USA!
Mark I have a Ford backhoe tractor that Im having problems identifying. Im not sure on the year or model. On the Engine block I think it has C5NN6015 on the transmission it has C51 9 or 8 1 or 7 00 6 or 0 AG. Also under the main tractor seat G5NN-4024-K. Just below the backhoe control panel on a plate the #'s 753 9481 are shown. Any help you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance. I don't currently have a picture but will try to get one to you tomorrow or Tuesday.
fred I just purchased a used backhoe it is a 580ck the number are 8660968 and c188d2760296 thank you
kermit pickell Numbers on rt. side trans. co 15098 f3 9f22b numbers on backhoe serial #cb25531 19-085
mark I just bought and was told that it was a ford 5000
I need to buy parts for it so i need to get a manual and to do that i need to make sure what it is.
The numbers i found inside the hood for battery compartment were these.

D5011K 0D6B
9H29B 0B20B

Found another plate ON FRONT LOADER ARM


found another on the backhoe itself


Dan I'm buying what I think is a 4500. The Aluminum tag under the hood is unreadable but there are casting numbers on the left side of the trans that say:
3 0 99
C5 NN 402AX
On the top of the trans is says:
FoMoCo 957E-4033
On the right side of the block is says:
"C7NN 6015 T
There's also a round casting that goes from 0-9 with the number 1 at the 3 o'clock position and a little mark next to the 1
I have pictures but can't figure out how to post them.

LANNY NORRIS Left side of engine flat spot on bell housing reads "top" 3F21B "bottom" H70D03. On right side of engine flat spot on bell housing it reads "top" 3H13B "bottom" C390253. I would like to know what year the backhoe is and what kind it is ie. 4500,5500, etc.... Thank you kindly
Gary I recently was looking at a ford 1978 535 industrial tractor just a loader no back hoe. There wasn't any pto or three point hitch either. My question would be could there be a back hoe attached to that tractor and how hard would it be to find such a hoe.

Christian My father in law got a big yellow backhoe a while back. He asked me to help him identify it so he could perform some repairs and possible replace some parts. It's got a backhoe and a big bucket and lots of levers and things. He knows it's ford and thinks it might be from 1976 going by what the guy who sold it to him said. Where should I tell him to look? What resource are you guys checking with the numbers we find? Any chance someone knows where I could find a manual for a 76 ford backhoe? I really appreciate the help. I'm just a computer nerd but I want to help him out and score some points :-). Thanks a million guys.
Ron Posey Ford 555 backhoe. Broke tie rod adustable arm. Steering has two cylinders. Took broken tie rod to local parts house which is well known for getting what you need. All I hear is give me another number. The one i found doesn't look like yours. Need help with tie rod part number.

Please help: stamped on botton of engine block: D5NN60156 Unit: 9H29
Tractor: G626551
Transmission: J03b
Axel, Rear:9H16C ;cound be a G Please help

robert poole on right hand side of bell housing:-ford co d2nn 7006d on top of gear box:-957e 4033a.would you please help me with any information. thanks robert
johnny moreno got these numbers from battery compartment, tractor number c192650 model number 45021f thanks for your help
Dawn Does anyone know where I could find the serial number on a Ford 755B 1988 backhoe? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Al I have a ford 4500 backhoe with a transmission stamp showing D2NN 7006D, What type of trannie do I have? I do not have a PTO on this one.
E Wisniewski Does anyone know of a cross reference manual or similar information that would enable me to determine what models/years would have compatible motors with my 1985 Ford 555 XL 4 x 4 backhoe/loader? I need a replacement engine or short block. Three cylinder, 201 ci diesel engine.
howard bucket will pullin under power but will not
power out. we have replaced a bad cyclender on the bucket

b hulse #on rt top side of bellhousing read: D5011k
On machined pad it reads: 4k28B
What Year & Model is this backhoe?

Barton Bone Have 655A Ford b'hoe. I find a number (C778293) stamped on the top front right side of the transmission where it blocks up to the engine. And I find the same number (C778293) stamped on the right subframe upright where the loader arms attach just in front of the cab. Is this the serial and/or what can anyone tell me about this number?
Need to know, thanks.

danny callaway I have some of the same numbers that Mark has did you find out what year yours is 4024 etc.?

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