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Makoto It's so awesome when ploepe jump to massive conclusions.The dog getting pissed on was stuck in a tire. Ryan's point was that when you trap yourself in a box, you limit your options; And when someone pisses on your face you can't respond. He's left school to remove himself from the box.The fact this parable takes place in Tucker's yard isn't relevant to the meaning.I'm sure Tucker is delighted that you ploepe see him as a cult leader now, leading Ryan down the merry path to debauchery. I imagine it's somewhat irritating to Ryan however that so many of you have disregarded his ability to make his own choices and just assumed that he's jumping through a hoop Tucker has held out.I never went to college. I went straight into a graduate level role and I've had a career, most of which I've spent senior to dozens of college graduates with no college education and little formal education outside of industry focused training. Between 17 and 25, I didn't attend a formal classroom except to teach. When I did go back to school it was as an adult, to study a field I wasn't grasping on my own, that I would have never opted to study as a younger man. It was a vastly better outcome for me then had I followed the prescribed path, picked up one of the many useless degrees I was interested in at 17.An undergrad degree is only valuable if you want to learn something and it's the most cost effective way for you to learn it, and there's a limited scope of circumstances where that will be true for any person; Or if you want one of the opportunities that the piece of paper brings be that post graduate entry, travel or a job with an employer who values the piece of paper more then the skills.Reading back through Ryan's blog can you really see any of those things being of value to him? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine Ryan's priorities and where he see's his future (in at least a general sense) and a reasoned reading of his content should make it clear what sort of employer he's likely to end up working for in the event that Tucker stops being a viable source of income.And if you're reading his insightful, intelligent and well reasoned content, perhaps you should at least do him the courtesy of assuming that he's more then Tucker's puppet, and perhaps even capable of making his own decisions.

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