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Ford 2120 3-point hitch wont lift

m350 I have an 87' 2120, have a wood splitter on the 3-point hitch,,,been working fine, Bucket hydraulics and splitter still work, but the 3-point hitch hydraulics suddenly wont lift,,,the arms went down, but now wont come back up,have a manual for it,not sure where to start looking or testing ? Any Help would be appreciated !! Thanks
Ed Does your tractor have a front engine-mounted pump?? Often times an engine mounted pump is used to power the loader.

I assume that you have remote valves to power the splitter?? Where do you get hydraulic power to drive the splitter.

On some Fords, there is a selector valve, that you pull out/push in, to selectively provide hydraulic power to the loader or to the rear lift.

The rear differential section is normally the reservoir for hydraulic systems other then an engine mounted pump. Have you checked the rear differential fluid level??

Dirty Harry There is a little allen-headed pipe plug inside the loader control valve that can come loose. This allows the power fluid to dump back to the sump, leaving nothing to operate the lift.

To repair, you have to remove either the return hose or the hydraulic power hose from the loader control valve to see the loose plug.

Re: Ford 2120 3-point hitch wont lift

Hi Guys thanks for post,I beleive its a front engine mounted pump,here is a pic of the tractor with the loader,,it is not a # 7109 or a 7309 loader that is made for these tractors,,,this loader came off of an older Ford tractor and we made it fit, is a perfect size for this tractor.

The loader/splitter gets its Hydraulic pressure from the Hydraulic Junction/Diverter Block on right side mid point of tractor, we tied into that Junction, with 3/8 fittings,we Installed another diverter valve Push/Pull type at the right rear of the tractor with 4 Quick Dissconects Tee'ed in, loader hooks up to 2 Q D's, Splitter hooks up to other 2 Q D's, diverter valve up or down determines either loader or splitter operates, works great!

m350 Here is another pic

Re: Ford 2120 3-point hitch wont lift

Try again with the 2 nd pic

Ed Nice looking setup. OK, you have a front engine-mounted pump driving the loader and splitter. The lift is driven by the original tractor hydraulics, independent of the loader and splitter.

The first thing to check is the rear differential & transmission fluid levels. Also, there is a hydraulic filter and suction screen that need to be checked. The suction screen can be plugged badly, especially if its never been cleaned.

After checking fluid levels and filters/screens, the next logical step is to loosen the test plug on the hydraulic pump and see if it's pumping. Makes a mess - be prepared to kill engine quickly.

Re: Ford 2120 3-point hitch wont lift

Ed thanks for the info, I do have a 3-ring Binder manual for the Tractor, Just have to find the "Suction Screen" your talking about, and the test port on the 2nd Hydraulic pump.

And another pic, the Loader was already painted this color !

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