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1953 Ford Jubilee Wiring Question

Mike I do not know much about wiring schematics. I received a 53 jubilee as a gift and it ran good. Upon getting it home i slid the battery out to replace it, only to find that it would not turn over (start). i think i might have jared a wire lose. The only one i saw that didn't connect to anything was a random wire connected to the positive batter wire (also connected i believe to the solenoid or what the parts book calls a "relay assly (starter motor)."

Question: Where does this ranodm wire go that is attached to my positive wire going to the battery?

harley You need a volt-ohmmeter or a circuit checker to check out your circuitry.

Battery cables can corrode internally to the point that they no longer provide a circuit. The only way the check is with an ohmmeter or circuit checker.

Does your tractor have a transmission neutral safety switch? These are the most frequent culprits to starting problems. Temporarily bypass the safety switch and see if it'll start.

Battery and ground connections are probably next most common problem on the list. Clean all of your connections to bare metal.

Did you replace your battery? Did you get the polarity reversed?? Is it a 6 volt battery? Or a 12 Volt?? Positive ground or negative ground??

johnb Your tractor is an NAA model. You may get more help by posting on the forum below this one in the menu. At some point you should get the I &T FO 19 manual although it won't help with this problem. Just google it to find a source. I got mine through The following applies only to the original 6 volt wiring: For some reason these old Ford tractors have a positive ground. That is, the positive terminal of thew battery has a cable which is bolted to the frame of the tractor. The negative terminal of the battery has a cable which goes to the starter solenoid terminal nearest the seat. There is also another wire on this terminal which I believe goes to the terminal block on the steering column. The terminal on the starter solenoid nearest the front of the tractor has a cable going to the terminal on the starter. The terminal in the left side of the starter solenoid goes to the starter switch on top of the transmission. This switch is mechanically interlocked with the transmission so that cranking can only take place with the transmission in neutral. If you don't use this switch be sure you are in neutral because you will be defeating this safety feature. Welcome to the *club* and good luck with it.
michael lacey Thank you all. It is a 6 volt. I went and purchased new battery cables, solenoid, connector assembly (previoulsy missing?) and full wiring kit.

I did not know that positive and negative ground cables existed. the part i received was a black insulated battery cable and an uninsulated (flat) ground cable. i assume cable that goes to the solenoid is negative then since its black?

wish me luck, i plan to wire everythign tomorrow!

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