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Ford 5000 3pt. Hydraulics sluggish

Kevin Slaughter My Early 70's Ford 5000 3pt Hydraulics are very slow and sluggish. Nearly no power. What are some checks or things to look for to begin diagnosing the cause of my issue. I would assume
a Checking Fluid level and condition would be good start and I intend to do so. Are there filters for the Hydraulic/Differential fluid that can be serviced or changed? Hydraulic fluid pressure check? Please advise. Thanks

sixbales Kevin,

If you are lucky, your rear differential section is simply low on fluid. It might be a good time to change the hydraulic fluid. The fluid often gets contaminated with condensation with time, and takes on a "creamy" appearance.

On most Fords of this vintage, there is a fluid level check port (small square-headed pipe plug) behind your right heel as you are sitting on the tractor. Not to be confused with the transmission fluid level check plug by your right toe as you are sitting on the tractor. You may have to hunker down to see the rear end check plug. The fill cap is usually located behind the seat on top of the rear differential. The drain plug is under the rear differential. On my 3600, the drain plug is under the drawbar. I have to disconnect the drawbar and slide it back to access the drain plug.

Use Ford 134D or equivalent Universal Tractor Fluid (UTF). You can get the equivalent UTF at Tractor Supply, Wal-Mart, or at an auto parts store in 5 gallon buckets. Your rear differential section holds 8.7 gallons, so you will need two buckets to refill if you choose to change fluid.

Your tractor has an internal filter, and/or possibly a suction screen. You will need a shop manual to determine the proper procedure to change the filter, and/or clean the suction screen. You can get a shop manual at the top of this page, or ebay usually has a good selection.

harry Kevin,

To see a parts diagram for your hydraulic system:
- Go to
- Click on Parts Diagrams.
- Click on New Holland.
- Enter Model Number (5000)
- Click on 5000 series 4 cyl tractor (1/65 - 1/75)
- Click on hydraulic systems. (You can also click on hydraulic pump to see suction screen)

Kevin Slaughter Alright I replaced the fluid and the hydraulics are still slow to respond. I want to replace the filter next. I don't have a spin on filter as some models do. I see a four bolt round cover on the opposite side of the pump. It may be an inspection plate. Does any one know how to replace the hydraulic filter? I have an I&T Shop manual but it is not very helpful because it covers so many models and doesn't have good pictures for mantenance stuff.
Kevin Slaughter Through research I believe the Filter is in the return line in the Differential. I think I have to remove the Hydraulic pump to get to it. Anyone confirm this or have any tips?

Chrisbo Kevin, I have a 5000 and my hydro's were slow and I just adjusted the knobs on the right side below the seat at teh valve box. Your manual (I have the same multi-tractor one) shows a photo of this.

Good luck,


bheki How much weight can ford 5000 tractor lift with hydraulic lifts?
Reed bytendorp We have a1974 ford 5000 tractor, for some reason it seams to raise a lot higher than it should and it it does not lower enough. It's like something is stopping it. I have turned the flow controle. But there really is not much to it.

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