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ford 3000 deisel won't start

whitey markle 1967 ford 3000 deisel ran out of fuel (I think) started up on ether, but won't conrinue to run. How do I prime the injectors?
sixbales My tractor can be a PITA to get started if I run it out of fuel, or if the filter gets plugged.

How long has it been since your fuel filter was changed?? Might be a good time to change it.

Start at the fuel outlet of the tank (inlet to the filter. Shut the tank valve, remove the line at the filter inlet and holding a suitable container to catch the diesel fuel, open the valve. You should have a CONTINUOUS rush/flow of fuel out of the line. If it dribbles or is intermittent, check the fuel cap for a blockage of the fuel vent or the strainer upstream (inside the tank) of the valve for clogging.

If you have good fuel flow at that point, reconnect the line and open the bleeder screw at the top of the filter. Turn on the tank valve and wait till you have a steady flow of fuel with no bubbles at the top of the filter, then close the bleeder screw.

Your pump may have a bleeder screw. If so, open that until fuel streams out with no bubbles, then close it. Otherwise loosen the inlet connection at the pump and purge air at that point.

Go back and make sure ALL the fittngs in the fuel delivery system are tight so they cannot suck air.

Make sure the battery is fully charged. Loosen the fuel fittings at the injectors, either one at a time or all at once. Crank the engine til you see all fuel at the injector fittings and then tighten the fittings. If you do indvidual fittings, the engine will usually start before you get to the last fitting.

Alternatively, you can "tow-start" it to save wear and tear on your starter. Leave the injector lines cracked open at the injectors at first to purge the lines. Then tighten them up and she should start.

You injection pump puts out a very small amount of fuel (high pressure/low volume). Be patient. If the lines are totally empty, it takes a lot of cranking to fill them up.

thepumpguysc Good information from "sixbales"..
The bleed screw on the injection pump is by the nameplate.
Crack the bleed at the pump and crack the lines at the injectors AT THE HEAD..and you should be ok..

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