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Engine Block oil leak to water jacket

Charles Davis I have a ford 4500 with a 201 ci 3-cylinder diesel. Originally thought it had a bad head gasket due to oil getting into the coolant and water getting into the oil. After replacing the head gasket without it fixing the problem when back into the engine to diagnose a possible engine block problem. I have the head off the tractor again and filled the block with water and pressurized the oil system with air and there is a leak from the high pressure oil gallery into the water jacket. The leak seems to be to the number two cylinder water jacket from the bubbles. Looks like I need to disassemble more of the engine to find the leak and determine how bad. Not sure if it is fixable. How likely is it that this is fixable without costing a lot of money or requiring a new block? Any ideas on the best least costly way to find and fix the issue? I am thinking it is a crack in the block from the main oil gallery to the water jacket. Not going to be easy to get at to see and maybe even harder to get at and try and fix. Would like to fix the tractor but it is not worth a lot of money. Would hate to have to part tractor out because it ran good and all the hydraulics and gears worked, it is an ugly looking tractor but if I can work with it how it looks is not an issue. Would like to fix the oil leak issue that also would lead to a overheating issue.
Billy if the block is cracked in an oil gallery then the chances of repairing it are slim to none. But I will say though if the tractor ran good and all the internal parts are still in good shape I would find a used block out of a junkyard and fix the tractor that way all your spending money on is a block and a gasket set to put it back together with and depending on what you want to do possibly piston rings and bearings. That woulld still be cheaper than a new tractor.

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