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change fuel filter now it won't start

Dave I just changed the fuel filter and now it won't start. I've bled the fuel filter, injector pump, and at the injectors just as the shop manual says to. I'm not getting at fuel at the injectors. I do get plenty of fuel at the filter bleed screes and the injector bleed screw. I kind of did a no-no. After changing the filter and bleeding it I thought I might get lucky and it would start and run - it started but then quit just like it ran out of fuel which was in reality probably air in the line.
stu If you did what the manual instructed then you should be all set. What model tractor do you have? You should be able to just loosen the bleed screw on the filter housing first until fuel flows from around the screw (bowl should be filling up with fuel at this time). Then snug back up. IF you don't get any fuel in the bowl after you loosened the bleeder screw, then loosen the bleeder/s on the inj. pump also until bowl fills up. Once there is fuel in the bowl, partially open throttle and start engine. If it doesn't start, then loosen high pressure fuel lines at injectors and continue to crank engine until fuel escapes from all loosened connections. Snug up and now try again starting machine. All the above are my opinions and/or suggetions, and takenn from my 1900 manual. I'm always open for all corrections from others which is how I/We all learn.
I just changed mine out the other day. Mine started after I loosened the high pressure fuel lines at injectors AFTER I bled the housing screw and still didn't start. Good luck.
high 40's, sunny and breezy

the pump guy sc Dave, I dont know what engine you have, but..The big Oring on the filter GOES UP_INSIDE the filter
HEAD, NOT ON THE CANISTER..It "looks like" it goes there..BUT NO.
Take it back down, fill the filter w/fuel and fit the oring UP TO the filter head [groove].. Good Luck... TPG

stu pump guy- what will be the difference if it's on the canister versus up in the housing? When I changed mine the other day I fit my oring on the canister, and just a smigid of grease (just to lube the oring), could this also be the reason I had a hard time starting my machine too?
Southern, NH

the pump guy sc Stu, hard starting and no starting are 2 diff. animals when it comes to diagnosing..If you got it started and havent had any problems since, you probably did it right..
If you have a {I call} 3 pc filter assebly, Filter head, Filter, and a sediment bowl, secured on w/ a center thru bolt.. The oring goes in the groove in the FILTER HEAD..

stu I understand now.....see, you learn something everyday! Mine is the screw on sediment bowl type.
Thnx again.
Southern, NH

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