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Ford 5000 rear axle oil?

Grubbie Have a Ford 5000 and sometimes the PTO wont engage. I suspect the rear axle is low on oil. Looks like you fill it on top, under the seat. Also looks like a level plug on rear of axle, about half way up the center line of the axle, just left of center. Am I correct? Also, what kind of oil do I use? The book I have is not very good.
Sean in PA You are correct about the fill hole and level plug locations for the rear axle. You should use a universal tractor/hydraulic fluid that the manufacturer states meets the Ford 134D specification.

I'm not 100% sure about the 5000, but I believe that it should be the same as on the 4000 where the PTO isn't driven by anything in the rear axle, it's actually driven by the transmission or a separate clutch inside the transmission, depending on the exact model.

What transmission do you have, and do you know if the pto is supposed to be live or independent? If you don't know, post the numbers stamped into the bell housing just aft of the starter and we can decipher the exact model specifications for you, and hopefully someone with knowledge of your exact setup will be able to give you some suggestions.

grubbie Thanks for the reply, I added the oil and everything went fine. However, the intermittent problem with the pto is "intermittent". Only happens once in a great while so I won't know if that is fixed until I run it for a while. In answering your questions; the transmission is an 8 speed, has 4 gears in low and 4 gears in high range. The pto stays engaged whether the clutch is in or out, is that what you mean by independent pto?
Sean in PA As I said, the rear axle hydraulic fluid shouldn't affect the PTO engagement. The PTO is driven from inside the transmission. Please post the numbers from the bell housing, just rear of the starter, so we can determine the exact model and type of PTO that you have.

Gavin Joyce Hi Grubbie, Your tractor has an independant PTO system (IPTO) The clutch pack consists of a drum with sintered bronze & steel plates. Hydraulic pressure from a piggy back pump on the main hydraulic pump feeds the clutch via a control valve which either allows oil flow to engage or disengage the PTO. In other words, the PTO is INDEPENDANT of the tractor clutch, and can be engaged on the move. There is a wave washer in the drum, which acts as a cushion, and this washer sometimes breaks up, wedging the pieces between the plats, preventing the pTO from disengaging. This model only has a gauze filter on the pump, wkich has a habit of clogging up. This can also prevent your PTO from engaging or slipping under heavy load.

Gavin South Africa

Harvey Oil level is there a way there trans can move oil into the differntal ? the top fill plug and the lower sq head level plug . I removed the lower plug and there was a gush of oil as if the trans diff was way over filled .

I am thinking the level should be that oil just comes out the sq head left side low plug as the unit is filled ? Thank you for your help Harvey

Junior You can over fill the trans from the top plug. There is a barrier between the front and the back that separates the fluids. I over filled mine and the dealer didn't even know how much transmission fluid to put! It didn't reach the back plug which let's you know when you are full. I had to drain a few gallons out and just put it half way. I measured using an iron stick. I am not a mechanic just to tell you what I did and I really don't know if it is correct. Let me know and thanks!
robert Just bought a Ford 5000. My hydraulic lift worked from the beginning and stopped lifting. I took the plug from the axle and put hydraulic fluid 10 gals. and started lifting, but could not tell how much fluid because still showing empty from the plug hole. I need to know how much fluid it take to fill up the rear axle or do I suppose to fill to the plug hole where I poured it in.

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