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Ford 3600 Fuel Injection Pump Problem

MRStace Hello,

I have a Ford 3600. I bled the fuel system, I am getting fuel out the bleeder at the injection pump, but can't get anything on the output side at the motor. How can I test the pump? Can it be taken apart and cleaned, in case some dirt may have gotten in it, and clogged it? A replacement, seems to be fairly expensive, so I am trying to make sure the one I have is indeed bad before I replace it.

Any help, greatly appreciated!

Leon Where the fuel inlet line enters the pump there is a nut that screws into the injector pump. Pull that nut out and in there will be another filter. Take that out and clean it and try starting your tractor then.


MRStace Leon,

Thanks for the response. This evening, I pulled that filter, and it was clogged, I cleaned it, and re-installed. I opened the bleed screw on the pump, and fuel began to gravity feed out, which told me the fuel was flowing better as yesterday I had to crank the motor to get fuel ouf the bleed screw.

However, I was never able to get any fuel at the motor. I unhooked one of the lines at the motor, and put my finger over it, while cranking the motor, thinking I should feel some pressure, but I felt nothing. I then took one of the lines loose at the pump (The one easiest to get to), cranked the motor and still nothing.

I am assuming that this is telling me that my pump is shot?

I should also mention, that right when this problem appeared I was getting to ready to change the fuel tank as I have had trouble with rust in the current one clogging the filter on the bottom of the tank. I am guessing that over time, enough fine particles have found their way to the pump, and damaged it.

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Leon I have a real old book that I've been consulting concerning your problem(It was probably written in the 60's). Rotary style fuel injector pumps are supposed to supply much more fuel than the engine could ever use. So...take the fuel return line off of your fuel tank(you may want to blow air through it just to make sure it is not plugged) and crank the engine over. Even if you only get a dribble your pump should be moving enough fuel to run the tractor.

Since fuel pressure is built up in the steel lines, your thumb could never hold back enough to gauge the fuel flow. Crank over the engine and let each cylinder bleed out nice and good and try starting with ether. Perhaps your engine just needs a kick-start.

Before blaming the pump, try pulling out one random injector and reconnecting it to the steel line outside the engine. Put a clean paper towel about 3/8" under it and crank the engine over(with throttle open) a few times and check the flow. According to the manual: "All 4 sprays must be similar and spaced at approximate intervals of 110, 90, 70, and 90 degrees in nearly a horizontal plane. Each spray must be well atomized and should spread to a 3" diameter cone at approximately 3/8" from nozzle tip."

If all else fails, then blame the pump and have it rebuilt. Always start with the simple and work your way to the complicated. One clogged line will make you bald fast.


dave What was the outcome? I have similar issue with simms pump. No fuel at engine . I was told that you must crack all three lines at once to prevent pressure lock and allow all to bleed. No luck yet. I am about to start changing filters and screens. Hope this works. Although I strongly suspect pump is shot as there was no oil in it. oops. didn.'t know.

windell wilson How much fuel is suppose to come out the fuel injector line when you turn the mother over
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