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Ford 3000 lift cover adjustments

Ford 3000 lift cover adjustments

I have taken the lift cover off and replaced all the O-Rings and inspected the valves. Now it is going back together. The problem I am having is with the adjustment of the lift valve. The spec says to set it 0.200 in from the face of the casting with the quadrant 4 1/8 inches down. There is not enough adjustment to move the valve to that position.

It is a 1965 3000 built in April and all casting dates are consistent.

The one question I have is the top link spring. It appears to be like a 2000, not the enclosed spring of the 3000.

Shaun Wallace The .200 they are talking about is front of cylinder casting. its not in the pic you my have to remove baffle and plate.
Awlknottedup I measured the 0.200 from the front of the casting to the valve spool. The front plate and baffle were removed. When I put the lift cover back on it no longer lifts. I will be pulling it apart to see what is going on.

Billy The thing about these adjustments is everything has to be in good shape as if it were like new in order to achieve the exact measurements the manual is calling for. One thing you must do is follow the steps carefully and dont miss any of them. If I remember correctly the book says to adjust the draft control first and then adjust the position control performing these steps out of order will not work. Another thing you might want to look at is the little pin that sticks out of the linkage and runs against the cam on the piece in the center of the rocker shaft its either 5/16 or 3/8 in size and should be round these usually get worn flat and allow the linkage to remain in the wrong position therefore the lift wont raise completely to the top. This pin can be removed and turned half over so the good side of it is against the cam or if you want you can get a long grade 8 bolt of the proper size and make a new one out of the part of the bolt that isnt threaded. when you put the top back on the tractor dont be discouraged by the fact that it wont work as soon as the engine starts. What you need to do is loosen the plug located in the rear of the hyd pump and then start the tractor and allow it to run until all the air is bled from the system. then kill the engine tighten the plug and then you should be able to operate the lift. Another good thing to check while you have the top removed is the unload valve. Its the one that when you look at the cover upside down is right below the control valve. This one is notorious for sticking what you do to remove it is first remove the three bolts and the cover from the front of the valve then take a punch and hammer and carefully drive the round plug out along with the valve they both come out the front. When you get it out look at it and see if it has a rubber o-ring in the groove on the large end of the valve If so remove it and do not replace it this causes the valve to stick in most instances and its absence does not hinder proper operation. The valve should move freely with no signs of binding in order to work properly.
Larry York How do I adjust the draft controll on a one leaver lift
Antonio How do you reinstall the unload valve?

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