'68 Ford 3400 Industrial Diesel .... No Start

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'68 Ford 3400 Industrial Diesel .... No Start

Frank The tractor was running fine in Nov '07 when it was parked. Today is the 1st I've tried to restart it since then. I found water in the primary and secondary fuel filters. I've since replaces both filters, drained and refilled the fuel tank and followed the 'Operator's Manual' for bleeding the fuel system. This unit has the In-Line Type injection pump. Checked the timing, as per manual, and it seems fine .... The thing I like to know is: What's the fuel pressure supposed to be at the injectors? It's not listed in the manual under specs, and to me it seems to be weak. Now since there was water in the filters, I would imagine that some was definitely in the injector pump. During the course of the winter could the water have froze and damaged the injector pump on the inside? Like maybe some sort of valve in there or something? . I've had this tractor 15 years and do the same thing every year, park it in Nov and put it back in service around April/May. It's always outside and never had a problem until now. If you think it is the injector pump causing the problem, any recommendations as to where to get one, or have this one rebuilt is appreciated ...... Thanks
Jr in nwmo Take the side plate off its right above the fuel pump,work the levers see if the valves are opening to the injectors,these are famous for sticking while sitting,draw moister and stick in the shut off position, can work them by hand if necessary,spray then run it and drain the oil and refill with new. good luck
Frank Thank you for the quick response. I didn't get a chance to work on it until today. I removed the side plate as you stated. The 'valves' in there are working fine. I sprayed them with cleaner and replaced the oil in the injection pump anyway. After reading through the Operator's Manual again, I found an illustration that says the pressure at the injectors is normally 2700 lbs per square inch. However the illustration is of the Distributor Pump not the In-Line Pump which I have. Even if this isn't the right pressure, there's hardly enough pressure at the injectors to blow my finger off the line. That would be considered 'weak' right? Could the 'regular' fuel pump not be suppling enough fuel to the injector pump causing this? or is the injector pump itself shot?
robert bible what did you finally find. We are going to try and get a snow cat running with the same basic engine.

How did you bleed the lines??


Frank Sorry for getting back to this board so late ... Just wanter to let you guy know that I repaired the problem. Turns out the "primary" fuel pump was bad. It's supposed to put out 7 to 10 psi of fuel perssure to the injector pump. Mine was only putting out about 2 psi. Installed new primary pump .... Problem solved .... I needed the new fuel tank valve and strainer anyway.
robert my ford ran out of fule
what is the procedure for bleeding the injectors

don rowe i was running the tractor an it run out of fuel now i can get it started ,the filter is full an if i spray starter fuel in it it will run but then stop again.what else can i do.
I have 1969 ford 3400 diesel tractor and I changed the fuel filter now l can't get it started .when I operate the little hand lever on the pump with the bleed screw loose I can't get any fuel to come out at the bleed screw yet if remove or loosen one of the fittings I will get fuel flow also can you tell me how to know if l have an inline or a distributor pump

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