Ford 601 Workmaster Tractor (1957?) gas powered

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Ford 601 Workmaster Tractor (1957?) gas powered

Steve My Ford 601 will run for approximately one hour, in which it will then begin to bog down as though it is running out of gas. Once it stops, I can start it immediately but it will only run for about one minute and then do the same. The longer it sits, the longer it will perform. It does idle fine. My thought is that it may be the fuel filter but I cannot locate the filter. (Is the filter part of the sediment bowl assembly?) I cleaned out the sediment bowl but that did not have an effect upon the problem. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks. Steve
Wayne Scott Wow. My 2000 has the exact same symtoms. I pulled off the carb and found lots of crud in the fuel inlet where there is an inline screen. I cleaned that out and the problem returned in less than a day. It contains lots of red flakes so I think my gas tank is rusting and the paint is peeling.

There should be a little filter cartrage inside the sediment bowl (i think), but I haven't found where to buy the new filter, but clearly I need one.


Steve I just got this tractor, however it did not have a filter cartridge in the sediment bowl. I haven't looked to closely yet, but I can't even locate a screen in the assembly. If it is sediment in the gas tank, such as paint chips, how does one go about fixing that? Steve

Bob Ellison My Ford 861 has the fuel filter inside the gas tank. I had to remove the tank to replace it . The wire mesh filter in mine had failed. I put marbles in the tank and shook it to remove any rust etc. before re-installing. Good luck.
SteveL Hade something similar with my 2000. Mine has a filter attached to the fuel cutoff on the bottom of the tank. Also a screen at the top of my sediment bowl......however after 6 months of detective work, mine ended up being a flakely ignition switch. Good luck.
Carl I would recomend that you check your distributor round as well. Bad grounds do awfully wird things once heat is introudced to the equation.

I had a simialr problem on my boat and it turned out that the tab that holds down the ditributor and the block were rusted where they7 made contact. cleaned it off and it's worked great for three years now.
Also had a simialr problem withm my 661 except that it would not provide any spark warm or cold. Again it was the distributor ground. both hold down tabs were dirty.

Good luck.

Ernie fixed my Ford 601 Workmaster gas problem by installing a inline gas filter and puting a peace of garden hose over gas line to keep gas from vaper-locking in the line. that fixed my problem
kenindiana well where to start, most gas tanks are not painted on the inside , this only causes problems. I there iis any rust it could be coming from a metal can used for the transfer of gas. Or from the tank itself .You can take the tank off and flush it out,when doing this you can also take the sediment boowl out and replace it . Some times there is not a filter on the end of the stand pipe on the fuel outlet. But ther may be a screen on the inside of the sediment bowel. I have also removed the screen and placed a small copper tube in its place so that the fuel level is above the sedment and sludge inside the tank.
good luck on your problem.

Bobby C. Watkins I have used a slosh compound in the gas tank that fixed the problem for me. It has lasted over 10 years so far.
Bob Cronkhite
I have a 601 workmaster also, had the same problem you have. I found what appeared to dear hair in the tank it was cloging the filter screen that sits ontop of the fuel shutoff valve that is the only filter in the system unless there is a screen in the sed bowl on the carburetor inlet. I had to remove the fuel tank to take the shut off valve out and clean it, flushed out the tank made sure there was nothing else in it. It is no easy job to remove the tank but it's the only way to deal with it, it's hard to say what is in your tank but it's something that moves around and just happens to clog the outlet up.
I hope this helps ypu also mine is a mid 50s model.

rich maybe coil getting hot.
Robert I have a 601. I can't pin the year any closer then 58 to 62. There is a filter inside the gas shut-off valve on the bottom of the tank. I didn't have to take the gas tank off, but I had to loosen it and prop the tank up with wood blocks to have room to remove the shut-off valve. I'll tell you right now the 601 is notorious for carb problems. There is a screen inside the sediment bowl. You'll also find that new shut-off valves will go bad on you. They'll either start leaking, or won't totally shut off all the way.I am going to install an inline filter.
Ann I have a 601 for sale. 2900.00 if interested.
allen I have a ford 601 workmaster. I have a leak in the tank i know,but when i try o crank it,it turns over but doesn't crank.I have changed the,plugs,dist&rotor,voltage regulator and ignition switch.What am i missing? Thanks
Terry Make sure vented gas cap is not cloged. That fixed mine.

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