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3 point lift problem need help badly

Jerry I currently have a 1971 ford 4000 3 cycl diesel. I could not get 3 point hitch to lift at all when I got it. I recently took hydralic pump off which is internal pump. I replaced all worn parts and put back on still no lift. Pressure is about 2500 at remote valve assembly. I than took out lift cyclinder and freed up all valves. Unloading valve oring was replaced and control valve was cleaned and moves freely. I now can get hitch to pick up lower arms it doesnot leak down overnight. Yet I do need to rev it up to get it to do this. Which i beelive tells me I have a leak somewhere. Icannot however get it to pick up a load at all. My question is what could be causing this being the remote spool seems to fuction properly I would have to say that the problem is in the lift cyclinder itself. Does and body think it could be cause by the unloading valve sticking. I cannot get it to move by trying to push it back and forth through the small holes where fluid goes into cyclinder. Dont want to pull bushing out unless i have too as the threads in the end are worn and probally only let me once more before having to rethread again. Hope someone can help.
Harry I took the following from my shop manual:

1. Low oil level in rear axle center housing.
2. Plugged suction and return line filters.
3. Flow control valve binding.
4. Hydraulic pump not primed.
5. Pump pressure low.
6. Check valve damaged or worn.
7. Draft control or position control damaged.
8. Lift piston seals damaged.
9. Unload valve or back pressure valve faulty.
10. Unload valve plug worn.
11. Lift cylinder, lift cover, or prerssure transfer tube cracked.

1. Hydraulic pump pressure low.
2. Damaged o-rings between between lift cylinder and lift cover, or between accessory cover and lift cover.
3. Damaged o-rings on hydraulic pump pipes.
4. Damaged lift cylinder safety valve.
5. Faluty lift piston seals.
6. Cracked or porous lift cylinder or lift cover casting.

If you don't have a shop/service manual for your 4000, you need to get one. Ebay often has a good selection.

Do you have a valve to switch from lift to remote hydraulic function? If so, check it out to see that it is functioning.

Your tractor has suction and return line fluid filters and a syatem back-pressure valve, any of which couyld be plugged. My guess is that your hydraulic filters are ONLY 40 years old!!

To get a look at your hydraulic system, go to the "New Holland Online Parts Store" on the internet.

- Click on the "Lookup Parts" button
- Enter 4000 for your model number.
- Click on 65-74 4000 3cyl
- Click on hydraulics systems.

Harry Jerry,
I posted your comments on another forum to get more input. I got this comment from dot.Bill

"You cannot repair the can only replace it.... How are you measuring 2500 lbs and what rpm are you getting it?"

Check this out. I think that you have a D0NN-600-F hyd pump that only fits the 4000 3 cyl tractors. I don't think you can rebuild as these are gear pumps that are aluminum body pumps. You rebuild by replacing....

jerry I do have manual . It was the unload valve sticking i removed and replaced the oring with another lubed the hell out of it and 3 point works good now. Also you are right pump is internal gear drive but they can be rebuilt if gears are not worn excessivelly. I purchased 4 seal from local new holland dealer and replaced them as one was bad . Gears were not worn. The reason they say to replace the pump is the gears are no longer able to be purchased if they are worn. I would always check gears and rebuild if they are not worn only 40 bucks for seals .

So started plowing with no problems than tractor lost power and only rpm wont go up when you throtle up. replaced filter as it was dirty and also cleaned nylon screen in injection pump line. Ran good for few minutes and now doin it all over again checked filter and nylon one they fine. Not sure whats going on but can say return line to tank is weak not coming back like it used to so goin to take injector lines off tommorow and blow out end to see if maybe something in them stopping fuel. Acts like it not getting enough.

Harry There is a screen attached to the fuel tank shut-off valve that sits up inside the tank. Could be restricting fuel flow. Is this the screen you were referring to?? You might have debris in the bottom of your fuel tank that will continuously plugthe screen.

A plugged vent in your fuel cap could also restrict flow after running awhile.

Jerry no i was talking about nylon screen in fuel injector pump on inlet line. .lso cleaned tank filter and also replaced fuel filter return coming back to tank isnt running into tank as fast as usauall
Wayne Bard Pre 70's Ford 4000. Three point will not hold.
Will lift and hold all the way up, but will stay anywhere lower.
I have replace the piston rings and o rings and gasket on the covers twice. The first time I installed the rings wrong.

Wayne Bard Pre 70's Ford 4000. Three point will not hold.
Will lift and hold all the way up, but will not stay anywhere lower.
I have replace the piston rings and o rings and gasket on the covers twice. The first time I installed the rings wrong.

Edward Parkinson Irecently fitted a new hydraulic pump to my tractor and akso removed top cover and now it lifts and lowers a couple of times then just wont do nothing at all

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