farmall super A

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farmall super A

glen I just bought this super a and need to know about all the fluids/what type what wht. in the engine /trans/ hyd. how do I check this stuff? the oil pan has two turn knobs on the side?? need a oweners book I have a repair manual but no luck. Is there a good website for all kinds of things for this tractor,like for the trans.(bearings) Thanks for all help
Hugh MacKay Glen: What you need is a IH operator's manual that came with tractor when new. These are being reproduced and I expect you can buy them several places including this site. If you don't have any luck with that, send me an e mail.

To get you started I'll give you all the proper liguids, where to check levels and capacity. Cooling system 15 qts. 2" below filler neck; Fuel tank 11 gal.; Crankcase 5 qts., I believe that includes changing filter. Any good motor oil, personally I like 15W-40 diesel grade, been using it for 25 years. The taps on side of pan are add and ful.; Transmission, gear oil 90W or heavier, 5 qts. with belt pulley, 4 qts without belt pulley, fill to level plug should be just below front tip of left fender, usually they are right behind brake linkage.; Steering box, gear oil, 1 qt. fill to level plug about half way up.; Air cleaner cup, 7/8 pt., motor oil, it has a fill to level mark on side.; Touch control hydraulics, use CaseIH Hy tran or equivilant, fill plug on left side, fill to bottom of fill port with hydraulic rockshafts in rear position, new the hydraulics hold 8-1/4 pt., as you can't completely drain refill is 6-3/4 pt. Final drives each 3 pts. gear oil, filler plug is on inside of and at front of final drive,fill to port.

Over and above that, 3 important items you should check: Hydraulic screen, on the left of touch control unit, near bottom, a rounded square bolt pattern held in by 4 - 1/4" cap screws. Fan lubrication, on the side of fan hub you will see a blade type screw. With that screw level of fan shaft, remove screw and fill with light oil. This hub has an unusual device whereby you then turn fill hole to bottom to drain excess oil, don't worry it works. Distributor Drive, on the side of distributor drive you will see two plugs 3/8" removed by blade screw driver. Remove and apply white automotive grease. I buy it in squeeze tubes and add some every 6 months. Those will take grease fittings, however IH did not install because chance of over greasing. The manual will call for regular gun grease, however years ago an IH technician advised me to use the white automotive grease. I've been using it over 40 years.

The reason I mention the last three items, is they quite often get overlooked. I've seen guys had the tractor 5 years and didn't know they existed. Quite often when you buy a tractor thoese need service badly.

Any questions, click on my name and type, I'll get the e mail. Good luck.

Billy Joe Foster Thanks for posting info on fluid types for Super A Farmalls. I did not know about the magneto needing oil. You never stop learning (until you think you know it all)! I have a 49 Super A with many implements but the cultivators are for a plain A Farmall.I have it rigged up to work but I really need the Super A front end cultivators.

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