Farmall 140 Gas Tank filter/Cutoff valve

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Farmall 140 Gas Tank filter/Cutoff valve

Don M. Has anyone had problems with the filter bowl cutoff valve? No matter what position I turn the little lever off the side of the gas bowl it doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm only getting a trickle flow and it causing problems with the tractor staying running. Is there a good aftermarket modification to this that uses a better filter and cutoff vavle? Or is my best bet just to keep it and take it apart,clean it up and see if it works any better when I put it back together?
Hugh Mackay Don: Drain the tank, then turn the bowl assembly out of tank. You'll probably find the neck of the bowl assembly is full of flake rust. Clean it, you may still have some problems especially if tractor hasn't been used a lot and sat around less than 1/2 full of gas. Condensation causes rusting on those tanks, then someone starts using the tractor and gas slosh washes all that rust into discharge.

You can still buy the glass bowl assembly new. I've owned 6 of these tractors in the past 45 years. If there is a better system, I haven't found it. The beauty of the glass bowl is being able to drain off water, yes water caused from condensation.

If you notice a lot of rust in the tank, remove it, strap it to something that rotates slow like a rear tractor wheel or a cement mixer. Put about 3# of nuts or pea stones in there and rotate. Then flush the tank, it should cure the problem. These tractors never did this when they were worked regularly and filled with gas every few days.

Don M. Sure enough, when I took the gas bowl assembly apart it had dirt in it. I cleaned both it and the gas tank out and now get plenty of flow. The only minor problem I have now is that the shutoff valve does not seal good and I still get some trickle flow to the carburator even when the valve is shut. I might just have to break down and buy a whole new assembly now that I know they're available. thanks again for the help.
Hugh MacKay Don: Glad to hear you got that one. One bit of advice, about this site, if you click on my name when you respond, then I get an e mail copy of your post. This is true on anyone you wish to respond to, click on their name for the responce form. Right now you are probably receiving copy of your onw responce. Never tried that, thus not completely sure.

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