Farmall 140 won't start

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Farmall 140 won't start

Don M I've been trying to get a 65-66 Farmall 140 started for a friend. The tractor had been sitting around for a few months and the last time it started it only ran for a few minutes and then died. My friend killed the battery trying to restart and it has been laying ever since. I've replaced the battery, spark plugs, coil, wires, points, condenser, cap and rotor. I'm gettng spark to the plugs. I've also changed the gas out and rebuilt the carburator. It cranks like crazy but just won't catch. I've even tried squirting some starting fluid in the air intake and still no luck. I've also checked that the rotor is pointing to the number one plug wire when on TDC. I'm about ready to give up. I'm getting spark and gas, this thing should start. Anyone out there have any suggestions?
Hugh MacKay Don: Did you use the right type of wires for distributor ignition? Have you tried moving the distributor advance as tractor is cranking?
Don M I'm getting spark to the plugs so I assume I have the right wires. I bought them from a reputable tractor sales/shop locally. As far as advancing the timing while trying to start it, I'm afraid I'm not sure how to do it. I'm used to doing it on cars in which case I typically have to loosen a distributer hold down nut and just rotate the distributer. I'm assuming it's probably the same with this tractor, but I see two hold down nuts which don't look too easy to get at. Am I on the right track? And actually, since once upon a time this tractor did run, I'm not sure what would have thrown the timing that far off such that it won't even pop or backfire while trying to start it. I have to admit, though, that this is the first tractor that I've worked on.
Hugh MacKay Don: I have seen those distributors slip. What I do is loosen the hold downs, just enough so distributor will move, then tighten front hold down when you establish position. These little Farmalls are very easily set on advance just by ear. I've had one for 48 years now, have never used a timing light. I have seen these get far enough off there was no back fire or popping.

I have seen the distributor drive gears strip on these. There is a very fine reduction gear between distributor and timing gears. You'll notice on the side of the distributor drive two plugs with blade type screw heads. Those are supposed to be removed every 500 hours or 6 months and grease applied. Many years ago an IH technician recomended white automotive grease to me. I buy it in squeeze tubes and don't bother with grease fittings. IH actually frowned on grease fittings as folks tended to grease too often. However some folks without manuals have never greased these and consequently the fine mesh gears strip. And yes the one I saw striped was acting just like the one your dealing with. However if your getting fire at all 4 plug wires distributor must be turning. I suppose those fine gears could slipped a few teeth and are working off timing advance a few degrees. That could be the slippage your dealing with, rather than distributor.

gm No joke check key switch /wires to everything clean all conections make sure to clean them good.clean inside of cap scrape each post and sand rotor

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