I H 1-3500 backhoe loader hydro trans problems

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I H 1-3500 backhoe loader hydro trans problems

dennis I bought a backhoe loader cos it was cheap, and being mechanically minded i thought i could fix the transmission which does'nt drive forward (creeps only)..now i'm not so sure it was such a bargain ....its a series 1-3500 built in england in 1979 serial no 2740154B101585-X- and so far i've not been able to find any info on this machine or its transmission which has a number cast into the right side ..7L10 399848-R5 ..the engine,transmission and axle are all bolted together (tractor style) and the forward:reverse pedals operate a single shaft that goes into the top of the transmission .....i've tried the more obvious fluid levels/filters etc...can anyone help please?? ....den
Russ I have a 3500A backhoe/loader with the D239 engine. The transmission also had a problem when I bought it. The shop I took it to found a broken high pressure pipe inside the transmission. I didn't see where it was but the guy said when he took the cover off he found it right away. It was a pricey pipe with all the special bends in it.
The previous owner had painted over the serial # plate on the tractor and I haven't cleaned it off yet.


dennis thanks for your comments russ ..i dont have a cracked pipe but it does have a seal on it where it goes thru the top plate and it is quite perished ....i didnt think it could cause so much trouble but i'll give it a try ....den
dennis north I finally got the thing running ...it was your clue which lead me to a tiny rubber " o " seal on the end of ihe pipe you mentioned ..it was distorted and must have only leaked a little bit...the whole thing runs great now !! thanks !!...
David Kump I purchased a 3500 A Series backhoe, with a shuttle transmission. Having high and low range. The numbers on the frame are 13500dhs-b serial number is 240166uoo2345* I'm having trouble going forward, It moves slow and ifyou try to go up a hill it doesn.t want to go. It will go backwards. The hoe works good. thank you. my e-mail is hotrod@zoolynx.com

David Kump I purchased a 3500 A series backhoe,with a shuttle transmission. Having high and low range. The # onthe frame are 13500dhs-b serial #is 240166uoo2345* I'm having trouble going forward, It moves slow and if you try to go up a hill it doesn't want to go. It will go backwards. The hoe works good. Thank you
David Kump

David Kump

robert me too
DisHim Ihave a 260A international with the same problem was wondering if you figured anything out yet to increase you power.

dennis Hi guys ...just logged on to this site again and see that a few of you seem to have the same problem as i had..ie reverse fine, foreward weak ( if at all )there is a block on top of the transmission that seems to hold a couple of pressure relief valves...under it there are two little rubber o ring seals....on my machine one of them wouldnt seat properly so i carefully set it in with some epoxy rezin ( araldite )to help hold it in place ...its been working fine now for 2 years...hope this is helpful...Den
Johnny Bennett I have the same problem with my 3500A Backhoe, hydro trans problems (slow in forward and reverse)
Pressure is also low. I need help quickly!!!
My phone no. is (276)694-7600.

Thank you very much!!


david smith does anybody knw where to get factory manuals for 3500 series tractor loaders
Joseph Remesch David Kump
Bad news and good news. It's probably the foreward/reverser clutch. It's a difficult job, at least it was for me. The easiest way is to pull the motor out and pull the clutch pack out through the front of the tranny.
You can get the parts though. Make sure the clutch is working properly before you put it back together.

David Smith
I do know where but I don't know if the guy is interested in copying them, there is a lot of them. I'll ask.

Reg I have a 3500a backhoe and I put in new clutches and a new cage assembly. It still leaks pressure around the sealing rings .I might replace the shaft if i could find one. It would be a good machine if it would back up or not slip in forward
shane hoffman i have the same problems that some of you are having but mine worked perfecty but parked it for 4years with no oil in trans. rebuilt engine since then. now slips in forward gears, reverse is fine. hydo is fine.
joseph I have the same problem but in reverse i dont have reverse on mine and forward gears are strong also the hydraulic fluid is passing it to my transmission the engine is good as new and i dont want to put it to sleep if somedoy knows any hints let me know. Thanks Joe
Charlie Just picked up a 3500a, has weak hydraulics on everything.Has shuttle shift, seems to work better when cold. Wondering if it can be just a cracked pipe or o-ring. As with others. Thanks
Craig Lee I have a 73 3500A. I broke a boom hose replaced the 4 hoses to the bucket and boom since the others looked worn. I swear they are all back on correctly but the boom does not go up/down or out/in but a couple inches. Everything was fine before but now have problems. Does anyone have insite or could take digital photos of how hoses come out of tractor to metal plate and metal plate to back hoe. 910-548-5204.
Bobby Williams I'm putting this on for my neighbor. he bought a 3500a backhoe a few years back. When going forward under a load it will bogg down and die. doesn't matter how much fuel you give it. Front bucket is useless like this. can use the rear hoe but same problem but not as bad. he is about to trade it off. this is our last hope. any suggestions? please help...

Bobby Williams forgot to mention he just had the enging rebuilt. engine works perfectly
Wallace Hinds Do you guys know anywhere I could get parts for 3500A backhoe transmission? If you do, please post a link to it.
RICK NICKERSON I have the same problem . It will move in reverse but not foreward once the fluid warms up . I an going to pull the top off the transmission and see if its a broken pipe or o-ring . As it seems to be the most common problem described from other owners . Plus AIS Equipment in Lansing Mi sell parts for 3500 Internationals 517-321-8000
Rainer Hello I have an IH 1-3500A, Year about 1977, for the German market. Unfortunately no documents were there. Maybe someone of you, have some kind of documentation in pdf-format for me. I would be very happy if anyone can send me a copy by e-mail. Thank you Rainer.

jared i have the same problem but mine is a 260A backhoe should i just pull that top cover and start looking for bad orings or cracked line?
Darryl Joseph Remesch how did u manage to get the clutch pack out I am trying to do the same thing I got the motor out but I am having problems getting the lower gear out so I can slide it out of the front of the trans, I think its called the pto gear the big lower on in the front

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