IH B414 restoration

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IH B414 restoration

John E Montgomery Hello:
I am restoring an IH B 414 tractor. Does anyone no of a resource or resources in the US, Canada or Overseas for parts, pictures and sheet metal. I know the Tractor is British made when IH had a contract with them in the 60's and many were exported to the US, Canada and Europe. I also have been able to find out that Mahindra purchased the manufactoring rights for this and the B275.

Any help anyone could give me would certainly be appreciated. The Tractor has been in the Family since it was purchased new in the 60's; therefore, there is a strong attachment to it.



John Greenlee Try you local Case/New Holland dealer. That s where I get parts for my B414

AndyF If your anywhere in the north east, drop over the border in Ontario, the tractors and parts are as common as roadside mufflers. But that may not last.
John Montomery Thanks John,
I have gotten some mechanical parts from them, but their supply is very limited. I, at present, am primarily interested in Body parts which they do not supply.

Again thanks.

John Montgomery

John Montgomery Thanks Andy,
I kind of figured that the B414 was, at one time, a very popular Tractor in Canada. I am, however, in a difficult position in that I live in Virginia. I have attempted to find various Salvage yards in Canada with whom I can do buisness with.

Do You know of any Slavage yards that might be able to supply me parts?

John Montgomery

Andy I'll keep an eye out and I'll check 2 places I readily know of.

You could consider buying a second, they go anywhere from 1800$ Can, (1200$ US *-), and with NAFTA, you shouldn't have any problems getting across the border.

John Montgomery Thank you Andy, Any help you could give me on salvage yards will be appreciated. Due to distance, rental of Carrier believe purching entire unit not practical.

John Montgomery

Andy - Try Here. Byers Tractor Supply
R.R. 4 Crysler Ont. K0C 1R0

Bus: 1-613-448-3015
Fax: 1-613-448-1630


Their approx 40 miles north of Watertown NY, and they have acres of old tractors dating way back. All parts are removed and categorized. They will do some hunting for you too. Don't know of they ship, but I guess so.


I mean ........ ..... their 120 miles north of Watertown.(40 miles north of the border).


You know you could spend a summer holiday up here and bring along a tandem trailer with a good 2 ton capacity. A guy can stock up real quick on tractor parts. 'Sides, all kinds of ole tractor events goin on, country music and dances, games for the kids, rides, ploughing contests,etc.


Re: IH B414 restoration

I have original distributor pump for IH B-414 diesel.
DPA 324 0538
Pump is in Finland. I have also B-414 diesel. I don't need pump anymore.


michael head I am also looking for some IH 2404 or 404 tranny parts
earl i have a british made international tractor for sale runs needs sheet metal differential is locked in

maryland call for further details 443-480-5403
cant find parts so i will sell it

Kipper How much for your CAV b414 injection pump
Kip schultz Sturgeons Corner - Meno Oklahoma - just did a comPlete rebuild block and all - Len and Red Sturgeon will fix you up
-'their priced beat anyone in the country

Kip Schultz My existing injection pump was rebuilt by Delco Diesel in Oklahoma City - S. Agnew rd - they rebuild a lot of them - 550.00 I think is what I paid.

All the parts for the rebuild kit and other odds and end - clutch etc that Sturgeons Corner got for me were in Mahindra - IH logo boxes that said made in India on them - new block ( not record) 625.00 full rebuild kit 325.00 (not inline but the full monte) clutch - pressure plate - bearing - 225.00 and since I toasted the crank shaft - reconditioned one 65.00 - runs good now but think I have a bad Injector as it smokes like it is getting too much diesel - we will get it right but they are hosses of a tractor - www.sturgeonscorner.com they have a pretty elaborate grave yard there also for other parts

John macle I need a front cowl and grill with mounting hardware new or used for a int. b414 any help would be great thanks

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