Hydraulic problems Int 3514

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Hydraulic problems Int 3514

Reginald poupore Have a 3514 backhoe loader,very please with machine except hydraulics is weak.Mind has the internal hydraulic pump from the side.Is this a easy access pump to get at.Was told just a matter of taken off side plate and pump slides on to a internal shaft.
Any info would be helpfull thank you!

Klaus Hi Reginald,

- I recall some emails we exchanged a couple of years ago.
Yes, the pumps come out easily. The pumps are mounted to the inside of rectangular the plate on the left where the two hydraulic lines come out. Just drain the oil, remove the two hydraulic lines, then remove the bolts at the perimeter of plate. Don't remove 4 bolts that are not on the perimeter of the plate because those hold the pumps to the plate.
The whole assembly just comes right off, there's nothing else to disconnect inside since the pumps are gear driven the the gears just unmesh when you remove the plate.
You can get a rebuild kit for the small pump (that one is hard to find a replacement for and it's expensive) the kit contains the diaphragms and seals so if your pump gear rotors or the housing is worn, it wont help. The large pump can be had for less than $350, I think, and I couldn't find a rebuild kit for it..
Did you check your relief valves? My system was weak because they all leaked, not because the pumps were bad.


Reginald Poupore Attn: Klaus.
I want to thank you for the reply,I really appreciate you taken the time to address my situation.I will check out my relief valves as you suggest before attempting to take the pump out.I don't get on the PC as often as I used to,I love the tractor forums.I could set for hrs just going thru them reading what others have to say
and looking at the pics.The injoyment I get from my equipment,tractors including lawn and garden,little dozers,just mechanical with in itself always makes me feel good.I like the simple things of life and to be able to live that way gives me what I injoy in life.Happiness of oneself and life comes from with in all the riches in the world can't buy it.My so called toys plays a fair share of giving me that happiness at a very low exspense.And to be able to connect and share with others as these forums do contribute a lot in helping each other to find some of the happiness that we all seek.
Thanks again for your reply and sharing of your knowledge.
Its a very helpful tool in being able to share with others ones knowledge and just to be able to connect is a tribute with in itslef.

Lek Klaus,

I have a 3514 hydrostat and have no forward or backward or any hydraulics whatsoever. I took off auxillary pumps on side of tranny and started the engine. The transmission input shaft is not rotating. I understand there is a flexplate that connects the engine to trannsmission input shaft. Any way of separating the engine (diesel)from the transmission enough to slip out the flex plate without having to split the machine?
Thanks in advance

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