International 244 tractor

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International 244 tractor

Dennis I am looking at an International 244 tractor, 4x4 with the 3 cylinder diesel. Does anyone know how these tractor hold up? This unit has 1200 hours on it. Is this the Mitsubishi engine?


Our church has owned one for 10+ years. Seems to be O.K. Engine is really good. Electric PTO went out a few years ago and parts are no longer available. We couldn't find a mower from the dealer (also no longer available). In fact, I'm searching for a front end scoop for ours, which is how I came upon your posting. I'm just starting to research this and it seems that this model 244 may have been a brand X that was bought and marketed under the IH logo. I was also told the engine is by Mitsubishi. Can anyone out there fill me in on this tractor??

Tom Staley I have a Mitsubishi MT1600d which I'm told is the same as a 244. I am looking for a photo of a 244 for comparison purposes. Do you have a digital photo or know where I can view one.
Jake Smith We have an International 244 3-cyl that was purchsed in 85'. Has been great little tractor till it was ran without water. I have been told that the engine today woudl cost more than the whole tractor. If anyone woudl know where I could get a engine for it I would greatly appreciate it.
gary coffee what h.p. is a international 244 compact disel tractor? 4x4
Shelley Hi! I have an International 244, 2wd, 18pto horsepower diesel which I would like to sell. It was new in '85 and has only 690 hours today. Attached is a 60" woods rotary mower. Everything works great. Does anyone know how much these tractors are going for? I really want to sell this tractor but I want to ask the right price for it. Thanks!
Richard Shelley, have you decided what you want for your tractor? Does everything work? Any leaks? Where are you located?
Thanks, Richard

Lloyd Tom, there is a good picture of the 244 on tractordata. You can check it out.
Re: International 244 tractor

I have a 84 244 for sale, it has been a great tractor. I pull a 5' bush hog with no problems. 900hrs, no smoke, no leaks, very strong lift. It looks like new. You can see pictures on craigs list ATL. It has a mitsubishi k3B engine, very dependable.

dennis there pretty good tractors. i got one with 2000 hours. pretty low mantnice except for the $ 100 ingntions
Henry I have an 86' model IH 244 low hours with a woods loader and 4' bush hog. What are they worth? I have bought a larger tractor and do not need this one anymore.
wilber bought one new in 85 have abused it a lot.I have 1500 hours on it it is very tough. I don't think there is a better tractor made for its size it has a lot of power and will run forever on 5 gallon of diesel.The only parts that I have bought is ignition switches. I just purchased a kubota L2850
it is 34 HP I needed a little bigger tractor and would now like to sell the 244 I also need a price.

Jcoberley I have been watching these tractors on ebay and craigs list they bring between 500.00 and 3000.00 depending on looks hours and condishion and what types of atachment they have with them. I am also looking for one near the kansas city area. I hope this helps you.
God Bless and have a great day.

The above link has infromation on These tractors. They also were 2 or 4 wheel drive.

Mike If any of these tractors are still for sale I would be interested. Thanks, Mike
Ed Whatley I purchased a used 244, 4WD with front loader and 5 ft.mower a couple of years ago, I think it is a 1985 model and it has performed great untill a month ago when the lower berring in the steering assembly went bad. Does anyone have a steering assembly?
Rod Craven I bought my 244 4WD in 1985. I paid $10,000 for it including a front end loader. I has been very dependable. Last year I had to spend about $800 to rebuild the fuel pump. My water pump is now about to go bad (not leaking yet)however the bearing is definitely going bad. The dealer wants $370 plus tax for a new one. I found one on ebay yesterday for $134. I now need new water hoses. The dealer wants $44 each. Does anyone have information on a cheaper hose that will work. I am thinking of taking the old hoses to an auto parts store to try to match.
chris I have an International 244 that simply lost its ability to move forward or reverse last summer. My son was mowing with it and it stopped moving and will not move in any gear (in 2wd or 4wd). It still runs perfectly. I took the top cover off of the transmission and it looks perfect inside. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?
lonnie lentz Looking for synchromesh transmisson parts for this tractor. I've been told they discontinued them.
jim kress my 3 point hitch hydrolic lift does not lift. I
despertly need technicle help diagnosing the
problem, availability and source of parts and approximate cost to repair. Thanks for all you reccomend. Please use email title 244 international. Thanks again.

lonnie Lentz Does anyone know where I can get a clutch pack for this machine
Andrew Braunschweig I have recently traded for a 1986 244 international harvester tractor it has 69 hrs. on it and it is like show room quility. Never been used to work. Can anyone tell me what something like this is worth.
kurt This is my first post here. There are no dates to tell when all the previous posts were posted. I have a IH 244 4x4 that I plan on selling this spring/summer. I bought it 4 years ago and have been making food plots and brush hogging with it since. Cosmetically it is rough. Steering has some play in it. Drivetrain, hydralics, and tires are all in good shape. What is this tractor worth nowadays. Thanks for any replies.
BUCK can you put snowblower on front of the 244
does it have enough run hyd. snowblower


Tony I am looking for a thermostat housing to fit my International 244. It has a Mitsubishi K3B 3 cylinder diesel engine.
Allen I have an International Harvester 244 3cyl. Diesel. It started slipping as if the clutch/pressure plate was going out; I replace the clutch, pressure plate, and throw out bearing. The tractor worked flawlessly for about 10 hrs and began slipping again, so I assumed the new parts were flawed in some way and replaced them again. The problem continued - The tractor cannot not pull itself on a trailer. The clutch is adjusted correct as there is really no adjustment. You can feel the clutch engage and disengage as its design. The engine is running smoothly and I hear no noise coming from the gears and rear end area. It is as if the clutch/pressure plate is not working correctly. I cannot believe I have had two manufactured deflects. Are there any pumps or internal clutches in the transmission or any other culprit that can be the cause? I am puzzled.
Ed Looking for an engine for the 244, please feel free to contact me if you know of one.



Gary I need ingition switch for the international 244 tractor. Mine had gone out. Does anyone know where I could get a new or used??


mark I have a 1986 244 the fuel pump is going out on it can anyone tell me where I can buy used ones or get it repaired cheap


christa We got an international 244 tractor. We had some one come out an replace the o-rings in the quick conect for the hydraulic fliuds and now the bucket nor the 3 point hicth is working. Can some one please help. Thanks
Jim Byrge I just bought a small tractor. It has mitsubishi emblem on steering wheel and 244 international on the hood and looks like a international 244, but the shifter is on the left fender and the exaust just comes from under hood with no riser . i ordered a operators manual and service manual for it , but the controls and filters are not the same. can someone identify the tractor and where i cam get manual for it?
Blue777 Hi, Im looking for a hydraulic pump for a international tractor model 244 year 1977. Any idea of where I can find it?? thanks for the help!!
rick kitzman Anyone still looking for parts?

Robin Farr Does anyone know where I can buy a radiator for Int. 244?
Donnie New one is still available from International dealer, Part# 1271716C1 cost is about $184.00(ouch!)
bobby need wiring harness for 1984 ih 244
can any help me....

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