Low RPM's and Power

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Low RPM's and Power

Kevin Pike I reciently bought a Farmall M series to run a Saw Mill. It runs good but lacks rpm's and power. Have tuned up engine, rebuilt the carb. and readjusted the governor. It did have a bad miss in #3 cylinder at first, but that seems to be cleared up now. Any help would be appreciated.

Kevin Pike

J41M My first question is what size sawmill are you trying to run,what type of wood your sawing,how sharp is your blade,so on and so on.We run a sawmill at our local show with my M and no problems.Occasionally when I really want to work it well tie in the veneer mill too.That bad miss could be your problem even if its cleared up.You may also want to check ther gap on your points again and make sure you have a good flow of fuel to the carb.
Kevin Pike We are running a TimberKing Model #M-16, circular sawmill. We were running it with a Allas Chalmers WD-45, which ran it great till it started knocking. I have rechecked the points, and fuel flow is good. The blade has new teeth and are sharp. If it still is a miss problem, where do I look? I have rechecked the plugs, wires, cap, rotor. Removed the valve cover and inspected valves and springs. Exhaust/intake manifold for obstructions. Checked engine compression, and all cylinders were about the same. What could be causing the miss.

Thank You,
Kevin Pike

Larry Quade Low RPM, substandard horse power leads me to believe your trouble is in the governor. Could be the thrust bearing, or a worn weight problem. there were also some problems with the shaft from the gov. to the carburator binding on some of the "m"'s, so you might check that. As for the missing, what spark plugs are you using? D15Y, or D17Y Champions were the best to use on all of the older IHC Farmalls. Hope this helps - Larry
Kevin Pike Larry,

I have checked the governor an it seems to be working. However I understand the compression sould be about 100psi. Well we only have 70-75psi. So I guess the engine is just worn out. So it's rebuild it or sell it and find something else.

Thank you so much for all the information.

Thank You,
Kevin Pike

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