Oil Pressure Problem - IH Farmall Cub engine

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Oil Pressure Problem - IH Farmall Cub engine

John I have just rebuilt the engine - including new oil pump. Am unable to get any oil pressure when the engine sarts up and idles - any suggestions!

J I am wondering if by chance you missed something when you rebuilt the engine or the pump.Have you tried a different gauge and what does the oil pressure do when you rev the engine up higher than idle.Also did you bleed the line going to the gauge,I have seen that happen a time or two.
John Thanks for your reply - the oil pump is new, but will try a diff guage abd bleed the line.

MGS You almost always have to prime the pump when you rebuild a Cub. Take the oil filter out and pour some oil down the center tube. That should get you going.
herb last resort check for a missing set screw behind the camshaft timing gear this plugs the oil journal that oils the valve springs and push rods.when missing the oil dumps back into the oil pan and showes no leaking.plus resulting in no oil pressure build up.
John Herb,
Your suggestion is exactly what I finally discovered was the problem - the engine has been reassembled and works just fine.

Bryan I recently got a Cub (1950 I believe)that had been sitting for about 7 years. Drained the oil/replaced the filter but I get no oil pressure. I tried to prime the pump by shooting some oil (pump up sprayer) down the center tube of the oil canister with no luck. I dropped the pan and checked the screen with no luck. I filled the filter canister with oil but I noticed that it all drained out to the pan. Any thoughts as to what else I might try?


Bryan Anderson

John The problem I had was with a just rebuilt engine in which one small plug near the front ofthe block was omitted during reassembly. If your engine was running normally 7 yrs ago, you may want to check the pressure guage - I also had that problem after solvin ghte first one.
Good luck

Bryan I finally understood about priming the oil pump, tried it and it works. For future reference, the priming port was located on top of the oil filter canister casting -- near the canister bolt. I primed the pump with a garden sprayer and it worked like a champ. Thanks.


David When I start my farmall 240 tractor that I have just purchased the oil pressure is on about 22 psi, but after about 20 minuets it starts loosing pressure and in a matter of about 15 more minuets it will fall off to about 7 or 8 psi. I tried pulling the line going to the guage at the guage and flushed it out. that didnt seem to help at all
Clive Chapman Has anyone any idea what is an acceptable oil pressure? My International B414 (BD154 diesel engine) starts up at around 35 psi when cold which drops down to around 19 psi when running at working revs (say when mowing) and then idles at about 5 or 6. I've no idea if this is within the desired range. Any thoughts anyone?
Ian Scott Hi there, I have a 1962 b414 the oil pressure sits just off the red on the gauge and after it is warm it drops into the red, I have checked the main bearing which look to have no wear and have replaced oil pump and new 7"sump and still the same, has anyone any idea what to try next?

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