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MORGAN I bought an IH 241 round baler, I didn't get a book with it. We have had John Deere growing up. Can someone please tell me hot to start the twine so I can rap it. How does the tie work? I had to crack open the hydraulics on it to get it to start moving the belts, do I shut it once it starts making a round bale? Sorry for all the questions, oh it's a 1980 I believe
bill o you should have a rope running from the twine arm, around several pegs or tabs? (its been a while since i used a 241), and out to the tractor.you have to pull the twine arm around while the last of the hay is still going into the baler, so the hay catches the twine and starts it wrapping. it doesn't tie when done. you have to pace the arm as you let it retract, to end up with 10-12 turns of the twine. be sure to close the door after the bale starts turning, so you don't have the hay follow the bottom belt out of the chamber and back onto the ground. they can be a witch to start the bales turning.
phil having same trouble how do you solve or lesson
even with door shut still runns out back put new belts on but still don't want to roll do belts need to tight or lose at first help!!!!!!

Daryl Olsen i like a part manual for my IH 241 round baler so i can get part for my IH 241 round baler
Clark Jones I have just purchased a 241 having the same problem my solution is to remove upper drive roll and have rhino lining coated. i have been told 241 is known for this and to wrap the roll with rubber but im going to rhino it...Thanks Clark Jones
tim keever Hi Guys, I have an IHC 241 round baler.I have been using it for probably 8-10 years.They work well when they work but when they don't they can cause you to cuss like a sailor.If the hay is to dry it doesn't want to start making the roll & you have to try different things.Once the baler starts to roll the bale you must drive back & forth ie left & right over the windrow so it feeds evenly & gets the bale started the same size from side to size.My neighbor has a 241 & likes it even though it can be a pain at times.Also if you make the bale diameter arount 5 feet things seem to work better than trying to go the full 6 feet dia.For Morgan send me your email address & I will send you pictures of the rope & pulley assembly for your tie mechanism.Also the windrow size consistencey is critical.Keep windrows even & same size.I think these balers are of the female persuasion!Patience is the key.
brian Ive a 241 as well and had the difficulty of getting bales started. First tried rubber electrical tape on the upper drive roll but it rubbed off after a couple of bales. Found something called friction tape thats used in the electrical field to pull cable through counduit. Works like a champ now. 5o bales and havent lost any of it.
Len Hello; I have a IH 241 I need some belt guide brackets for. Someone took some "4" I think out and put in a wide belt, and I would like to put the two 4" inch wide belts back in it, but I need the guides, three of one type and one other one. Thanks Len PS used would be fine
Debra Jeremiah We have an IH 241 round baler and are looking for a diagram for the grease fittings so we can keep it running properly, does any know where they are or have a diagram for them??? Please HELP!!!

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