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A/C problems

Derrick Schulze I have an International 886 and need some help diagnosing the a/c system. We usually have to charge the system with a little 134 every start to hay season, but now it will not receive any refrigerant. I replaced the expansion valve and pulled a vacuum on the system. Hooked my gauges up and began to add refrigerant. It is taking a small amount of 134 cause I can see it through the site glass, but it will not cool and really suck out the can of 134. When I was adding refrigerant the low side was reading bout 90psi, but when I would stop charging and check both high and low side I had bout 25psi on the low and nothing on the high side. I know these systems are notorius for being a pain in the rear, but if anyone has any experiance in the matter I'd appreciate some input. thanks.
jim Last time I saw readings any where near that type the guy had hoses hooked up backwards. Anyway, make sure both shut off valves are open at compressor. With system under a vacuum, see if it will hold that vacuum. Then hook up your refrigerant, open both valves on gauge manifold, put the can in a pail of hot water, engine not running, put in a couple pounds or full 3.5 pounds if it will continue to charge. Let pressures stabilize for a few minutes and then close high pressure gauge, start tractor and finish charge controlling low pressure to about 40 psi. Nothing really more problematic on these models than others. Many guys disconnect the low pressure switch and some even the high instead of correcting the problems. Air cond can be difficult as you are tied into the laws of physics and technology cannot evade that part of it.
Derrick Schulze Jim,
The hoses were replaced in a International shop about 5 years ago and the tractor is always under the barn when not in operation. It was functioning just fine until we started getting warmer weather. I have not seen any oily residue around any of the a/c components as expected if a leak is in fact the problem. Still not ruling it out though. I'll see if it holds vaccuum and go from there. If the compressor has any internal damage could that be a factor as to why it will not draw refrig out of the cannister? The clutch is turning, but I'm just not familiar with the symptons of a bad compressor. Everybody I've spoke with says they just go out and you have to replace it. Thanks for the help and let me know what you think.

jim I meant the hose on the manifold gauge set. I can't make sense of your readings. Also, with a vacuum on the system, the compressor will not run as the low pressure switch will shut it down and red lamp will come on. It will not turn off light and relay until you shut fan or thermostat off for relay to reset. In other words, at least charge it partially before you even start the engine for best results. Then make sure high pressure gauge is shut off and charge through low side. By putting your can in hot water you increase pressure in can above pressure in system so it can take on a charge. If you read a vacuum on low pressure gauge with it shut off you have a restriction. Possibly due to filter breaking material down in drier. If you put in new expansion valve you should have replacee drier also. You can always turn a compressor by hand and feel if it will pump pressure and pull vacuum. Some one with a recovery and charging station could put a charge in it real quick, not even running.

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