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IH 584 - 206 engine timing

Dieter Arnold I just had a shortblock rebuilt done and also the pump checked out.Set static timing at 14* BTDC.Could not start it without ether and a lot of cranking including keeping starter going to get engine going to running speed.(yeah...I know !!) Heavy black smoke all the time even after warm -up.Backed up the fuel control lever as far as it will go. Starts a lot better now with way less cranking but still needs a bit of ether and smokes dark blue/black. Pump is a Bosch BR rotary one,advance is set by adding or removing washers.Seems to me she is getting too much fuel.But what do I do now ? Fiddle with the pump advance? HE..E...LP!!!!!!!
thepumpguysc DO NOT FIDDLE W/ ADVANCE..IF the pump was checked-out, it should be fine..
The ENGINE timing IS NOT adjusted w/ shims, that is for internal PUMP timing..
Set your engine at the static setting "by the book", last one I did was 20*..
Remove the side cover and look for a pointer..
Rotate the PUMP until the timing line on the camplate lines-up w/the pointer inside the pump. MAKE SURE you have the OVERFLOW VALVE[pressurizing bolt] on top of the pump and NOT IN the INLET..
Let me know if I can help further.. TPG

Dieter Arnold Thanks,TPG,for the qick response.The pump was checked out by a fuel injection shop.I realise that shimming does only adjust the pump and not the engine,that's one reason I did not touch it. Besides,I do not have a timing window and therefore would only be guessing while not having any experience with this sort of thing.I assume the "overflow valve" is the line that joins the spill return line from the injectors and goes to the tank.As for static timing,my IT manual says 14* , my Case reprint operators manual says 12* BDTC, while your experience says 20*. Maybe I should try that.

can i get diagram regarding timing marks for 484 IH. having problem with lack of power after engine rebuild and pump overhaul

dieter Re:timing for 484. According to IT tech manual you should have a D179 engine. There are a bunch of numbered dots on the pump drive gear, yours is the dot next to no.3,for the 206 engine dot 2,number4 for the 239 .The two dots on the idler are for the cam.Static timing is 14* BTDC. Suggest you double, even trible check your work.I had to pull mine apart again because the pump gear was a tooth off.
george rezansoff have timing marks on gear 1 2 3 4

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