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cub lo boy 154 starting problems

bill won't start with ignition but will start when power is sent directly to starter
John M Solenoid....
karl What do you mean "won't start"? Does it turn over with the key and not start? Or, does it not even turn over? I have had things turn over and not start in the past. It could also be a bad igniton switch not letting current to the coil in the start position but is fine in the run position.
bill won't turn over with key but will turn over when i jump voltage regulator terminals
John M Im trying to remember mine, I think it does have a solenoid, but heck I cant remember, maybe it does use the regualtor to start it. Id look but its covered up in the barn right now.
karl Sounds like a broken wire or bad solenoid. You have to verify 12v to the ignition switch and then through it to the solenoid. If you have that then it is the solenoid. If not it is the switch. They sell them at any parts store. (solenoids and switches)
karl The solenoid is under the console. You have to take the steering wheel off and unscrew the console. The solenoid is screwed to the sheet metal in there somewhere. I am assuming this is a model that has a starter/generator. Be careful how you jump terminals on the regulator as it is a fairly expensive one if you burn it up.
John M Karl, the regualtor is nothing fancy, I just took my old one ot Napa and got a new one. The starter/generator is another story. But youre right, I could resist, I had to go look at mine to make sure there was a solenoid there.
bill thanx guys, it is a starter/generator, i have not checked the ignition switch yet but will; will get back to everyone on outcome

mike when It's below 22D my cub 154 is hard to start

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