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H vs M drawbar?

Ken Is the fixed drawbar on H and M the same? My H the drawbar is too wide for the axke mounts. I have to have the mounts angled as far as possible in the recessed part of the axle to bolt to the drawbar. Wider at the bottom/drawbar. Could this be an M drawbar?

Leon Yes, they are different


rich4 A H and a M are two different families, An M is one size larger all the way around, if you don't have one next to the other you don't know the differences, even though at a distance they look similar.
John M The drawbar from an M will fit an H, but its overall size is smaller. IH made many implements to mount on either an H or M, and worked. and of the 3 different aftermarket 3pt hitches I have had, and have now, they will fit either tractor. In fact, the Worksaver I have on one M came off of an H. Your drawbar is bent.
Ken John
Thanks for the information, a previous owner did do some welding/reinforcing of the hitch area of the drawbar (doubled it'a thickness). Probably pulled it out of shape. I'll heat it up and see if I can pull it back.
Fixing on this tractor to get it ready for paint.

Thanks again

Hugh MacKay Ken: John is correct, H and M U type drawbars are same width, thus same width at the axle housing. Actually the only difference is thickness of the U, and they are actually listed as standard drawbar and optional heavy drawbar, and could have been ordered either way on an H or an M. The only part that will not fit is the swinging drawbar. It's different lenght.

I know this as I ordered a new drawbar, (out of parts) for my 560 when I got fed up with fast hitch. Same as H and M with standard and optional heavy duty. Many dealers treated the the heavy duty drawbar as standard on M and optional on the H. Most folks that have busted up a drawbar actually have the light drawbar. I go to shows, let me assure you, there are hundreds of M's around with light duty drawbar. The light duty drawbar stood up well on a M, if owner used swinging drawbar and no heavy tongue loads.

Ken Hugh
I just looked at another h, and though it's drawbar is in excellent shape it is noticably lighter. Mine has had another section of drawbar (with holes)welded on top of the other.(both are thicker than the one I looked at today. My swinging bar has also been repaired/reinforced. Also have one upright bent, so I am looking for parts, might be better way to go as to straighting, don't know if will hold if straightened.


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