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IH 1486 clutch weak at low RPM if oil is warm

Bob I have a 1486 that runs great, but after working it for a few hours, the clutch doesn't want to engage at low engine RPM, you have to rev it up a bit before it will grab. Also if you are clutching at low rpm when the oil is warm and use one of the brakes, it will stop the tractor until you either let up on the brake or increase engine RPM.

We first tried changing oil and filter, and seemed to help some but after running a few days still acts about the same. After asking around we thought the front pump was going out, so we replaced it. Again, slightly better for a couple days but back at the old tricks again. What can we look at next??? Thanks for the info guys!

MGS Sounds like your main clutch is worn out. It doesn't have anything to do with oil (unless the rear main seal is leaking onto it), it's a dry clutch.
jim You need to put a gauge on mcv and check regulated pressure, you may have nothing more than a sticking flow divider valve or could be internal leakage in mcv, or sump check or ta itself. Actually the ta does not need pressure to drive in low range so your sprag is also shot.

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