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5488 won't move- then finally will work

Steve My fathers recently purchased 5488 won't move almost everytime its started. It lurches but then settles back. It might take 15 minutes of shifting gears and just fooling with it then it all of a sudden works like its supposed to. Has anybody got a tip or lead to the problem and what must be done to correct this situation. It's becoming a pain in the butt. Thanks, Steve
jim What is the sentry light showing you. Does it come on or does it stay on and is it the same in high or low clutch pack. May be no more than a poorly adjusted senty switch on clutch pedal or connections on switch. Light will tell you a lot .
Steve I'm telling you this from memory so please bear with me. Dad said there is a light on on the dash that goes out when he presses some button on the dash. He originally thought this had something to do with the problem but has sence decided it doesn't affect this situation. Would you explain this "sentry" light and what it does? I'm an industrial mechanic and not familiar with this term. I'm assuming the high and low clutch pack is the shifter where it slides from side to side? If that is correct it makes no differance where the shifter is located. I would like to discuss this on the phone if possible. If you could email your phone # to and a convenient time I'll make the call. We really do not know alot about how to use this tractor. We're in SC. Thanks, Steve

Jim E-mail won't go through. I typed up some things to think about but it won't go. The sentry is the computer that controls shift of the two hyd clutch packs. Located with fuse block. It is powered up by the switch on clutch pedal providing a ground path for it. Power is fed on early models from wire on left battery and is subject to corrosion and was later moved to clean connection area with fuse box. Sentry light is on instrument panel right above the oil pressure gauge I think, it should come on for a lamp circuit test for two seconds with switch on and pushing clutch pedal down. Should stay out then if trans is normal. It only powers up for 60 seconds so if it doesn't sense hydraulic pressure it will shut off again. I am going to assume sentry and pressure switches are ok as you indicate it works ok once it get going. This is ordinarlly a sure sign sentry is not being powerd up or hydraulic pressure won't build. Does other regulated circuits work right away like power brakes or seat. Steering possibly also but that is ahead of on priority valve. Some thing for you to check anyway.
jim Me again, sentry light is 3rd one over from left side of tellites, over temp gauge. The red one over oil pressue is trans lube pressure. Jim
Steve My email is
I got some more information, Dad was reading the operating manual and found a section that advised running the tractor @ 1500 rpm for a period to allow the hydralic system to warm up. He did this today letting the tractor run for ~3 minutes @ 1500 rpm. When he decided to move the tractor it took right off no problem. He seems to think it hasn't been warmed up enough for the system to react properly, I'm not sure I agree but thats what he thinks. Also he said the sentry light has not been on while trying to move the tractor except for once when it was pulling off. We probably need to service the whole tractor no telling when or if the hydralic filters have been replaced. Can the power brakes be checked if the tractor won't move? Thanks for your input and I look forward to hearing more. Steve

steve bracketshark @ sc . rr . com

Thought I would try this, it won't let me send a address. use no spaces. Steve

Ashton I have a 5488 tractor and recently have discovered some of the same problem. We were trying to plant with a Great Pains 2020 drill on the back and go into the field and it wouldn't pull. On the way over to the field we had been having some issues getting it into gear. We were having to turn the tractor off and back on to make it go. Once getting into the field I noticed that it was making a little whining noise and then it wouldn't pull. So I put all new hydralic filters on it. The main filter look pretty dirty. So we tried it agian and it went for about 30 feet and then we use the foot breaks to help turn it and it took all the pressure away to turn it. From then on it never moved. We assumed the transmisson went out. THen we decied to look at the main filter agian. It was stopped up but had pieces of metal like pieces in it. But they weren't shinny like meatal. It reminded me of like a clutch shavings?? We unhooked it from the drill and pulled it to the road and it would go on its on but barly. After letting it sit all night I got back on it and put it in MED. and it went, but not like it should. I don't know what it could be. Cluth pack, hydralic pump, Filter, part in the transmission? Or something setting off that sentery switch but its not comming on.

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