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International Model 1066 range transmission shifter

John T. I have been trying to solve a problem with the range transmission shifter.It will not shift to reverse or forward from the shifting lever,I have to move the connecting levers on the range transmission to get it to go.From the shifting lever there seems to be some connection that runs down a pipe just above the transmission,but my shifting lever is hard to go into reverse,sometimes locks up(then I have to move the connection on the transmission)and using the forward low and high range the shifting lever just flops around and does not move the range transmission connection,I have been shifting it off the range transmission only.MY question is there some lock,kingpin,gear, the pipe that runs down from the shifting lever on the dash to the connecting rods to the range transmission.NEED HELP BAD,lots of snow to move this winter.I am not familiar with working on tractors,I am a newbe at this stuff.Thanks for any help.John
Hugh MacKay John: There is a rebuild kit for that shift linkage. Do both at same time. It will be quite expensive, but is the only sure fix.
John T. Thanks Hugh for the info,where would you get that rebuild kit for the shift linkage?Is there a tractor dealer or something that handles that item?Any more help is surely appreciated.John
jim Sounds like your immediate problem is the 2 inch long pin on the lower end of the high low shifter shaft that runs through the reverse (could be considered a pipe) shifter shaft. It may shear off or just work it's way out part way. Can be kind of hard to get at. You could pull up CaseIH web site and go to their parts manuals and get a look at what you are dealing with.
John T. Jim,
Thanks for the info,it sounds like what you said could be the problem because it just went "free-wheeling" the other day.I can see the bottom of the "pipe" above the transmission where two plates move,one is welded to the outer pipe,the other pipe or rod seems to be inside of the other and it just slips so maybe a kingpin or such broke off in the bottom of the pipe assembly.Is that where you think I should be working on it?Any more help is appreciated.Thanks again everyone for your help in advance.John

Hugh MacKay John: CaseIH would be your answer. I farmed with two of these tractors. You basically have two choices, buy pieces and tinker with it forever, or buy the kit and problem is corrected soon as you have it properly installed.
jim From your description of the problem I think you are looking in the right area, there are two shift lock out cams where park mechanism locks up through the slots when in park , the lower one is pinned to shaft and operates the low and high range trans. Often time the pin works out and then it will also catch and bind up the reverse shift also. You no doubt have a bunch of wear in mechanism like Hugh says, but if you can get a new pin installed it will get you going for now. I would utilize the CaseIH online parts catalogs though as they can really help visualize what you are dealing with. Good luck.
Kevin Meier I have the shift parts and range covers on hand. Email me if you would like more info. If you are still looking for parts.

Dan Easton Approximately how expensive is the rebuild kit? $1,000? $2,000? For parts and labor, or just parts?

Alan Maslow I have 1st and 2nd gear work in high low reverse,3rd and 4th no high, no low or reverse. What could be the problem?
Ray Flowers Need help why would my linkage move on top trans and not go in low or high!
Any suggestions

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