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IH 1466

Mike IH 1466, seems like hydraulic pressure is not good enough to split harder woods like oak. Have 4600 hrs on tractor. I have removed the pump and the o-rings all look good, guess it is time to get a new pump. Anyone out there have any ideas to confirm it is getting bad?



Hugh MacKay Mike: If you can afford to split wood with a 1466, then you don't need the wood. Of course your pump is shot. My brothers 230 will split oak across the grain.
Walt7777777 Thanks for the reply.

I was using my case 930 but the flywheel gear is bad and I didn't have time over the summer to split the tractor and replace. 1466 is the only other tractor that has enough pressure to run the splitter, but it has 4600 hrs on the pump (engine rebuilt last yr). They want $700 for a new. That's a few cords worth of wood. Getting cold around here, so I will have to buy a new one.

Is it possible the by-pass valve may be gone?


jim Just looked up pump prices , HY capacity sells them for 375 to 420 new vs rebuilt. Don't over looked the obvious though as even a poor pump should handle a splitter. Make sure the hitch position control lever is not in the very most lower positon as this opens the action control valve and dumps lots of fluid so as to slow down hitch lift when using draft control on three pt implements and it dumps same fluid going to aux valves. Saw this situation many times as operators want hitch all the way down and out of the way. Also relief valve is very accesible , in seat support on right side, (l l/8 in plug with a screen in inside end) can swap from another known working tractor from 706 on up just to see if that is the problem.
walt7777777 Jim,

Thanks, the hitch was in the lowest position as the splitter is a three pt hitch. Do you think this might be the problem? Also the draft sensitivity is all the way in the forward position. I have never moved it at seemed to be stuck. I have already pulled the pump out, will have to get another gasket to try again. I do not have another by-pass valve to check, are these expensive? Is the screw the pressure adjustment? If so, can I attempt to increase the pressure?

Thanks for all of answers!


Walt7777777 Jim,

I went to the HY page and looked up the pump, can't get a price. Do they sell to the public. Could not seem to get anywhere on the web page and no phone. Can you help?



jim Hy-Cap sells through their dealers,(pretty loose term as I am one) and a lot of different Implement shops have their products available. In town here Deere and Agco are dealers and CaseIH was until they pulled out of town. The relief valve costs about 125 or so and is not adjustable, there are different pressure ones also, I think the 2200 psi is the one for your tractor. On the hitch, draft control lever is good to go if it is stuck in the lowest , heavy position, just leave it , but make sure the position control lever is not in that ofset portion at the lower end as ,(provided linkage is in proper adjustment) that is the portion that controls action. Just pull lever back until hitch just start to raise a tad and then you are ok.
walt7777777 Thanks Jim, I will give it a try after I get a new gasket. Is the relief valve under the seat, I have a cab and was unable to locate? Is there a release on the seat somewhere? I never had problems in this area. Is 4600 hrs on a hydro pump a lot?



Hugh MacKay walt: Depends on how the hydraulic system is treated. I once had a supplier sell me wrong hydraulic fluid for 300, 560 and 656, ruined three good working pumps within 60 hours. I also had a 1066, same set up as your 1466, and hydraulics went 15,000 hours with no repairs or service.

Buy the right hydraulic fluid, keep it clean, keep it full, they will last a long long time.

jim The relief valve is located in seat support, on the right side and is removable with out disturbing the seat. Trying to think here, if you have the hydraulic seat it may conceal it when seat is way down, can't remember for sure.At any rate, there may be two large plugs on the side of seat support and one is the relief valve, other is a plug. Another note, when reinstalling the pump, I always install the short suction tube from filter side after pump is in place so as not to damage seal or tube. Be sure to replace o-ring along with gasket mount.
Paul I think you guys maybe missing the bigger picture. The log splitter may just have an internal leak in the cylinder. Also those are gear pumps and open center hydraulic systems. If you rev up the RPMs the cylinder should move faster unless there is an orfice in the lines to control the speed of the cylinder. Also those older tractors are known for having internal leaks in the remote valve stack, and swaping remotes would be the first thing i would check. by the way, Hugh is definitly correct, only run HY-TRAN ULTRA in red tractors, because different oils have different additives and believe me or not, John deere oil and CaseIH oil is chemically different and can damage seals and harden o-rings within the hydraulic system.
kirt perras stick a pressure gauge in a remote plug in and see what the pressure runs that style tractor 2200psi is about it if your a little low 2000 or so thats fine stick a dime or two in the pressure releaf valve if real low 4-500 psi max pull the big plate off above the pto look in there for excess oil from the 3point hich cyl area if so u need to pull the top cover off the rear axle housing replace the orings in the top cover area 3point hich cyl that should fix the problem most of the newer equipment requires a lot of pressure to run its hard on the system always maxed out...

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