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1086 international has oil in water

Kevin Mooneyham have a 1086 international tractor with oil in water. funny thing is doesn't use oil, and hasn't ran hot. have pressure tested oil cooler, seems to be fine. Someone suggested a cracked head or blown head gasket, but tractor hasn't ran hot, and has not been low on water. Someone smarter than me please help!!
John M Have you pressure tested the cooling system? How long do you run, when you run it?
Hugh MacKay Kevin: My guess, and it's only a guess, head gasket. I had this happen with a 3306 Cat engine. Went through all the same conditions you describe. My engine was new enough it was still under warrenty. Cat service guy said I may as well keep running it until I had a spell it wouldn't be busy. He seemed very confident antifreeze would not go to crankcase.

We were two weeks away from some down time. They fixed it under warrenty, thus I never saw a work order. I was told head gasket was the problem and that no antifreeze ever reached the crankcase.

MGS Let's not forget about cavitation erosion. This is a 400 series engine and cases of CE still show up from time to time. It is a possibility and an expensive one at that.
Hugh MacKay MGS: Possible, however with cavitation coolant will show up in the oil, hours of operation before oil shows up in the radiator.
jim have to throw in my two cents here, cavitation erosion can and does sometimes make a small pin hole into combustion area of cyl sleeve and then the engine oil and fuel will end up in coolant, however, when this is the type of failure the oil in radiator will be milky and foamy looking whereas a oil cooler leak will be nice black looking oil like in the crankcase. May or may not show any signs of anti freeze in the oil pan. Saw it happen several times, was difficult to believe first few times. Also, pressure tested lot of coolers, some times the leak would not show up that way, didn't make sense but replacing the cooler cured the problem. Also, cleaning crud out of engine cooling system is time consuming and may require several flushes. The stuff IH recommended works but I used to use a liquid soap used in our steam cleaner, at least to get the most of the crud out. Any good concentrated liquid detergent will work.
MGS Hugh, Of course, my bad, I read his problem backwards. Oil in the water would not cause cav erosion. Oil cooler or head gasket would be the two likely candidates.
MGS Golly, I wish this site had edit capabilities.

What I meant to say was "Oil in the water would probably not be caused by cav erosion. Oil cooler or head gasket would be the two likely candidates.

Hugh MacKay MGS: I'm not a mechanic, just going from experience with two 6 cylinder diesels. 3306 Cat. had oil in rad, but no coolant in the crankcase. It turned out to be head gasket, engine had less than 1,000 hours at time.

The second one was cavitation on an IH 1066. I noticed anti-freeze on dip stick one morning, it hadn't been there the morning before. I stopped working it, but we had to start it several times before the rebuild. Very little oil ever showed up in radiator.

luke had a b275 with same problem.I changed head gasket but problem was not fixed.I tore apart again and found out cylinder head was cracked, after replacing with spare head tractor runs fine.
Chris E had a 966 with the same problem at 2500 hours. problem was a hole in the liner caused by electrolis.After replaceing pistons,rings, main/rod bearibgs liners and "O" rings a water filter was added.
ralph if it was the oil cooler it would have oil in water, oil pressure greater than water pressure. 2 the head gasket would put water into cylenders and smoke or hydro lock the engine. oil is on one side of cylinders and coolant on other. i have done this for 10 years and never seen a head gasket do this. Remove the pan and pressurize the cooling system you probably have a oring on a liner leaking.

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