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James Williams Hi all

can anyone help i have an international 444 and i would like to change the glow plugs from 9 volt to 12 volt is this possible and if so what part number for glow plugs do i need.

Hugh MacKay James: I doubt if you can do that with satisfactory results. Those glow plugs on IH tractors are hooked in series and designed to be held on for as long as 5 min. if necessary.
BigT Yes You Can!!

The stock loop type glow plugs that come in the IH 444 can be a major pain and you MUST run a resistor type coil between the button/switch and the glow plugs. The reason being is that the glow plugs operate on 9 volts and not the 12 volts that comes off the button/switch. The 12 volts will cook the loop type glow plugs that come in the 444. Now here is my fix that works like a dream and will eliminate all problems forever.
Bosch makes a glow plug that came in a Mercedes Benz. Bosch part # 80035, This is a pencil type glow plug which will far outlast a loop style. Bosch has this glow plug listed as an 11 volt plug but do not sweat that. These new glow plugs will not run in series meaning if one does burn out the other three will still work. Install is simple, easy and quick.
Remove all the old glow plugs. Save the ceramic insulators and the copper ground wires as they are hard to come by and you never know when you might need them at a latter time. Remove the ground wire that goes from the last glow plug to the block and discard. Install the new Bosch glow plugs and make jumper wires that goes from one plug to the next. Connect the main feed wire to the first plug, install the retaining nuts and wa-la you are done. You do not need an additional ground wire as the tractor’s block will act as the ground.
You will be so happy with this set up that you make get your wife to bake me a cake. ( I LOVE FOOD!) J
I hope this helps!
Big T
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BigT And you won't need to hold the glow plug button/switch for more than TEN SECONDS. If you have to hold it for 5 minutes, then something is bad wrong. James, try this fix and you be as happy as a pig in mud! Good luck and by the way you can do an internet search and find the glow plugs between 12 to 15 dollars each. Also if you a local Advance Auto Parts, they can get them as that where I buy mine so I don't have to wait or pay shipping. Good Luck!!

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